Canmake Liquid Eyeshadow & Base

I saw a fab review for these Canmake Liquid Shadow Bases, so decided to give them a go.

I have a few items from Canmake – they are very much a drugstore range (think of Boots no. 17, super affordable, young brand). Its really hit and miss with them, unlike other Japanese drugstore brands like Kate from Kanebo that when they’re good, they’re like an ice cold coke on a hot day – it really hits the spot.


They say: Create a variety of eye looks with just a change in application methods. Won’t clump together over long hours! For an eye look full of sparkle and moisture! Two-layer water type eye shadow and base. Renewed and back again with dramatically increased sparkle and adhesion. For one-application eye makeup base! The classy shine of pearl enhances lame loose powder and eye shadow, keeping color and sparkle hard-to-fade for a long time. For two-application as an eye shadow. Gorgeous sparkle brings out the greatest sparkle in your eyes.


There are two shades left (perhaps it is being discontinued?) Crystal White 02 and Baby Beige 03.

White is…well, a white, sheer, silvery base and the beige is a warmer toned light pink-beige shade both with micro sparkles.

How to use:


Canmake suggest that this can be layered to get lots of sparkle or use it as a base even for loose pigment shadows.


How do I feel about this? Well….mixed.


1. The eyeshadow is VERY sheer and VERY liquid. This means that the effect its quite subtle and quite frankly, I didn’t see tons of lame multi sparkles in it like the Canmake website suggested. I actually found the colour/finish cute, subtle but not that interesting.

2. Because it is so natural and sheer it is likely to be used as a base, but for me, it had no long lasting or adhesive effects. I would never use this as a primer for a pigment eyeshadow – it wouldn’t help it stick very much because the liquid sets quickly, and then its just like a powder base. I’ve found the best bases for pigments/loose things are either liquids you can mix in with the powder, or a sticky cream base. This is neither.




1. Canmake is affordable if you buy from the right places.

2. The finish is nice and subtle, good if you want a natural look and it’s easy to blend.

3. It doesn’t crease.

The closest product I can think of is RMK’s watery eye bases (the others I can think of are jellies, creams or mousses). RMK’s though is far more expensive that Canmake but more pigmented and has a greater colour range.

The benefit of a true liquid shadow is that the overall look is subtle – elegant shimmer so to speak. I personally prefer creams (like Paul & Joe’s cream shadows) as I love the multi-sparkle look.

Verdict: It’s ok! I wouldn’t repurchase though.

I reviewed all my cream eyeshadows about a year ago – see here for part 1 and part 2.

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