Haul: Helena Rubenstein Goodies, how I love thee…

I made a little Helena Rubinstein haulage a while ago via eBay and fell in love. In a time when some make up brands are screaming and kicking like little kids trying to get attention, its nice to find a brand that is elegant, efficient, gorgeous…

Helena Rubenstien.jpg

Demi Moore is the face of HR. She looks bootiful in the promo pics.

Anyway I found this set online consisting of a duo and the Feline Intense Mascara (they have another mascara called the feather collection – sounds like it would be good for holding curl).

MAKE UP by Helena Rubinstein, luxury beauty cosmetics and beauty products.jpg

How cute is the packaging? I haven’t had a proper chance to try it out (mascara overload!) but I will do soon and report back.

DSC02607 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Eyeshadow – Nothing interesting in the colour – a cream and grey. Its medium soft and medium pigmented. It shouldn’t excite me but why does it so, so much?

DSC02605 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Cos its just soooo creamy and easy to blend. Its pigmented but not overly so – it creates an easy and super elegant eye. Elegant. Like butter, it is.

I ordered from another seller a Wanted Lip Gloss in no. 14, (redder than the image suggests) a hot summer coral:

DSC02591 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Once again, this gloss is not too thick and the shimmer is very refined. It leaves like a thin veil of gloss on the lips but its just gorgeous, so easy to wear and a simple little beauty. It doesn’t need tons of glitter or bold, brash colouring because its a natural beauty.

Gawd, I want to be near a HR counter, bad. Or maybe I don’t if I dreams of owning an iphone shortly are to come true?!

eBay has all the goodies mentioned on this post – HR is not sold in the US or UK (no counters).

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  1. Lou says

    I love the tiger pattern! usually is done in a tacky way, but this is so “sexy” woman’s makeup…I think I need this mascara!

  2. Steffi says


    I am using HR products for years now and I totally love them. Nothing else makes it into my makeup bag :-) especially the feline intense mascara is great (never tried the feather collection though)! thanks god those things are available in every good european store :-)