Ew, Gross: Neilmed Sinus Rinse for Nasal Irrigation Review

So this is probably on par with my Baby Foot review, but what the hell – I hope this post helps someone!

Up until this year* I used to suffer from intolerable hayfever. My eyes were so sore they prickled every time I blinked, the skin around my nose was red raw and I always had that horrible clogged up feeling.

*I think my allergy levels are now at Iron Man status, seeing as I have so many cats around me.

Anyway, Neilmed Sinus Rinse. I’ve actually used this product for 2 years and I recently got a new pack for hygiene reasons.

It comes in a pack like this:


The concept, if you’ve seen these things before is very odd. I think I just happened to read about it on a forum and went out to buy one – then I was converted.

Neilmed Sinus Rinse is good for…Allergies, Hayfever – it cleanses out the nasal passage with a saline solution which DOES NOT HURT AT ALL WHEN IT GOES UP YOUR NOSE.

They say:

Nasal Irrigation is an excellent way to clean mucus from the nose making medication more effective. They also clean allergens, irritants, bacteria and viruses from the nose reducing the frequency of infection.

So if you have snot, bogeys, hair, gum, tar – anything up there it will most likely come out.

When you have something like a cold or hayfever then it can be quite bogeylicious.

Flow of water:


You get in the starter pack, the squeezy bottle, a holder, and a pack of the saline powder. I read that you CAN make your own saline solution, you don’t need to buy these packets but I personally can’t be bothered – plus I don’t want to risk putting something up my nose that might sting!

You have to take warm, boiled water (I use tap water, don’t tell anyone) and mix it with the saline. It will dissolve and you’ll end up with a salty solution.

Put the end of the bottle in one nostril. Squeeze gently and the water will go up your nose – they’ll be a natural point where you don’t want to push it any further but you must. It then flows through and comes out of the other nostril!


The sensation is weird but not painful – just breathe through your mouth at all times. Also you can’t use this too close to bedtime or the salty water may drip down the back of your throat and you might choke and die.

Anyway – I wanted to say this stuff is brilliant if you are suffering right now from hayfever, allergies, colds or anything to do with your nose and sinuses. You really don’t have to use it all the time but it gets all the crap out and makes your sinus feel really clean and clear.

Also symptoms are reduced (ie. runny noses) but not eliminated. You will still need anti allergy tablets if you are out and about but at least this gets everything nice and clean.


Must try if you have any sinus problems. – buy this kit from Amazon for just £10.49 with free shipping.

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  1. Jen says

    I’m so glad you’ve reviewed this Row!! I recommended it to my mum, who suffers from chronic sinusitis, a few years ago and she swears by it!! The ENT consultant showed her how to make up her own solution (I remember it was salt, sodium bicarb, but can’t remember the quantities), but she prefers the Neilmed because it’s just easier to use the ready-made sachets, and the bottle is better than squirting up your nostrils with an oral syringe! I never thought of buying it from Amazon though…it’s certainly a lot cheaper than Boots!

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Oh it is amazing – the sachets are handy but if it gets to expensive I will do my own. the bottle is so easy and painless x