Yukky Review: Beautyfoot Treatment – Instant Foot Peel

** Contains graphic images of feet. If you have an aversion to feet, peeling skin or badly applied fake tan then look away**

So it began on a Friday night, as all good things do, when I got peckish. I started stabbing the other half in his chops with my foot, as I always do, “Get me a snack, get me a snack.”

“Geez,” he replied “sort your foot out its rough!”

Well, well, well. There’s a pot calling kettle black – the other half has huge, hideous hobbit feet with tufts of sprouting hair that has more than one layer of hard skin but still – I was insulted. So I bit the bullet and paid £10 for this foot treatment I had had my eye on for a while:


This is basically a treatment that comes in two plastic bags – you put your feet into the bags for 1 hour to hour and a half. Wash then over the next 7 days, the hard skin layer, the horny (hehe) layer will fall off.

In ingredients (I threw the box away, duh) list there are a number of acids..yep this is a peel!


You get this sachet:

DSC02653 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The foot bags contain the liquid. You cut off the seal then put your feet inside. There is a small seal you can use to make sure its snug.

DSC02662 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Hmmm. I am a size 7 UK – that’s quite normal these days but still big especially compared to my Japanese cousins but my feet just about fit. The other halfs size 11 hobbit feet would not fit in here:

DSC02654 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Now lets observe my feet (before treatment) (click on read more):

I have hard skin on the sides of my toes:

DSC02657 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Other areas I have hard skin. I have serious fake tan issues around me feet as I have been testing out various ones and I always smear them over the soles of my feet badly:

DSC02659 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Ok so on with the treatment – as I said you leave this on for an hour or so. The liquid is very runny so you can’t walk about with this on without abandon, it will leak.

It made my feet feel a little hot after a while and made them tingle like crazy…not painful but a little odd.

Afterwards my feet were pickled:


It left this:

DSC02670 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

So nothing happened.

Day one, nothing

Day two, nothing.

Then I painted my toenails and noted some flaking….


Yep. This is what my mother calls ‘Hong Kong Feet’ – whenever I go to Hong Kong, my feet starts to bubble up in white patches and I peel the skin off. This happens to me a lot in warm weather…so anyway. The rest of the skin started to come away from my feet.

I have some graphic photos. I think they are fabulous. Boyfriend says its gross. If he says its gross, then its probably gross so I have omitted them but just imagine layers of skin peeling off, nasty brown fake tanned skin to reveal pinky skin underneath.

Me being me I can’t leave it alone. Its warm. I wear gladiators. I am not leaving flapping skin on my feet so I peel, I peet it off.

It becomes an obsession. I become obsessed. It’s so much fun pulling skin off my feet.

After skin has been pulled off it kind of looks like this:

DSC02721 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!-1.jpg

Hmmmm so my verdict?

As much fun as it has been pulling off hard skin on my feet I have many reservations about this product.

The one pro for me is that the feet are a bit softer, obviously because its fresh skin. But here are the cons:

1. It’s quite expensive at £10 for one treatment

2. It is not reusable

3. It feels a tad uncomfortable (I imagine they have some strong chemicals in there)

4. The skin peels of unevenly. Perhaps if I had left it longer to do its own thing, it may have been more even but as the skin starts to come off, it is impossible not to remove it!

5. My feet – that is the new skin, felt a little tender.

6. If you are a fake tanner, you will have WHITE feet to go with orange legs

7. It irritated some of my cuticles which were a little chapped – do not use if you have sensitive spots on your feet

8. It peels of the other side of the foot too (since the acidic liquid gets on there) and that peels very slowly and unevenly and is more unsightly, since that is the side people see.

9. I do not have stinky feet. After using this, my feet were super stinky and I mean boy-level stinky. Odor Eaters stinky. One of the cats smelt my foot and started panting (I kid you not).


I think hard skin on your feet is there for a reason. My feet felt more robust with a bit of rough and I liked that! Plus its been a week since my treatment and my skin is returning to normal anyway – long lasting effects? I think not.

Still its quite fun peeling skin off the feet – try it if you want to see how it works for you but I am not tempted to use it again at all.

On sale here from Adambeauty.

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  1. says

    As disgusting as it might sound, I feel a great surge of relief whenever I see a whole patch of epidermis get peeled off (or pore strips full of blackheads…But the price.. Urgh…I think I will just pick my scab instead…My feet are not really rough so this stuff might hurt.

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      yes I think it would tingle more than you want it too!!! Come on – who doesn’t feel when all the gross stuff comes out!