Budget Suncare: Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Lip Balm and Hydro Facial Lotion

There are so many types of suncream out there, the world is your oyster.

I got some Simple Sun Sensitive care products a while ago and I have to say – its an excellent range. For one thing I don’t always react well to spf – it can give me the itches. I love pina colada scented sun protection but it makes my skin come up in hives!

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I need a range which is free of smellies, colour, which sinks in quickly leaving no residue.

Simples range doesn’t have any colour or scent, no harsh chemicals.

Because everything is under £10 its a good choice for the summer and for taking away with you. What I also like is that the face cream in this range, the Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Hydrolotion comes in a SPF50!

Japanese sun protection has been using those high SPFs for a while and its nice to know Simple and some other ranges has caught on!

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The suncare lotion (£5.33) at SPF is a nice, moisturizing lotion with no residue or horrible smell – there’s nothing negative about it, it does what it says, and you can use it on kids. My skin is dry though so I don’t know if other people will find it a little thick – I certainly find it nicer to use than other sun creams I have tried.

The lipbalm (£3.00) is also a colourless balm which is nice and moisturizing – I’d use it as a normal lip balm for day to day.

The best product is the face hydrolotion (£5.00) as it sinks in quickly, no itchies, no residue and is rich enough to use without a moisturizer (I think). SPF 50 is fab too – there is also a SPF 30 version if you think 50 is too much.

Recommended for sensitive ladies and for saving some pennies in general.

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  1. mizzworthy says

    I Love this range too! Really light for a facial spf – essential part of the summer for me!