Review: Anastasia Brow After Tweeze Cream

I go very red after any kind of hair removal or treatment………wait. What kind of an opening is that for a review? Let’s start again.

The last time I got my moustache threaded I looked like I had been sucking on suspect objects for four hours. (Ok, that’s an even worse opening). My stray hairs threaded.

 I had my brows and mush threaded and boy did it hurt. The first time I got threaded it hurt but the second time, I had tears streaming down my face, and I could feel every single last hair being yanked out of the follicle. I was <–> close to crying out “Please! Please stop! I’ll tell everyone you were great, just please make the pain go away!”.

Pain aside I went red. Not a bit red, not a bit pink, like proper, deep, glowing, luminous red. The type of red that makes you go, “Woah…what’s wrong with her?”

Could this after tweeze cream be the answer?


From the lovely Anastasia Brow, this greenish cream is to be used after tweezing or on any red areas to soothe and de-redden (?). They say:

Soothe and refresh your skin after tweezing as never before with Anastasia’s exclusive formula. This formulation is wrapped in restorative chamomile extracts as it moisturizes the skin and the subtle green tint naturally masks redness.


I tried this out – the cream is fairly thick, and a light greenish tint (to counteract red). Applied over my red areas, it didn’t feel sore and didn’t cause any itchies. To be honest I like something cold on my red bits to calm it down but this is a little more constructive since it moisturizes too. Ideally, ice cube followed by this would work fine. Or a breed of hairless women, would also be handy.

Now I do go very very red – and I would say that its not a bad cream but it is by no means a concealer. But you aren’t supposed to put make up on after hair removal anyway, so this could be the next best choice.


Verdict: I didn’t get a miracle result from this but its not a bad product to own. If you go a little red you may find it more concealing than I did as I am quite, erm, pigmented in that way. But like I said, you aren’t supposed to put tons of make up on a recently plucked area so this is not a bad thing to have at hand since is is ok for sore/tweezed areas.

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  1. Elle says

    I get real tomato red but am afraid of using these kind of products (I tend to get bumps as an allergic reaction, which would really worsen the redness issue).
    I once caved into buying a package of 5 brow threading sessions at a spa near the office I worked at. I ALWAYS scheduled them around 8PM, when the CBD wouldn’t be so crowdy, to avoid the attention the redness draws. The cooling cream they used wasn’t helping at all. It was so bad that I really dreaded going for a session AND would walk back to my (empty) office to wait till the redness reduced.. it now sounds super silly, even to myself. Oh well. Yay to tweezers @ home.

  2. Row says

    Hi Elle

    Me too when I got mine done I went at the end of the day so i didn’t look like a weirdo going home but I still get laughed at by the receptionist. I really need a bag to put over my head.