Boyfriend Recommends: 5 hand creams that are….great

The other half has super dry, psoriasis ridden hands that have plagued him for quite a while. At its worse, he can’t physically move his hands because his skin is so dry and cracked. So I thought I would force him to tell me his 5 favourite creams for his hands – all these creams belonged to me before he savagely slopped them all over his mitts.

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Moisturizer goes missing a lot round these parts.

Says the other half:

“I’ve found that hand creams with SPF tend to irritate my hands so – are you going to finish that? – I find ones with SPF sits on the surface and bit and doesn’t work on my dry hands.

I like ones that are creamy not too water based so it lasts and soothes my hands. I’m not bothered about the smell though as long as it doesn’t irritate them. Also I need something that sinks in fairly quickly cos I got to tidy up after you, but I still want it to sit on the surface so it doesn’t dry out. Also my hands are cracked a lot so it shouldn’t sting.”

So here’s his top 5…
Holland and Barrett - Manuka Honey Hand & Nail Cream.jpg
1. Dr Organics Manuka Honey Hand & Nail Cream

One of the most recent ones he has used and he completely loves it. At £4.99 its good price and it is also organic and avoids a lot of the nasty additives. There’s also quite a few flavours to choose from but I chose Manuka as its healing.

He says: “I think this ones has healed my skin up quite quickly and was just effective to use. And when I ran out my hands went downhill again” (I think he’s hinting that I need to go and and get one…)

Boots.jpg2. Dr Nick Lowe Double Duty Hand Cream

This is £12.67 and its main benefit is that it has a SPF of 15 but doesn’t irritate the boyfriends hands. It also has a multitude of vitamins and is not a bad price.

He says “Oh this has a nice smell and it has the sun protection thing, and sunk in quickly. The main reason I – I mean you – would spend this much on a cream like this though is the SPF I think, cos its hard to find one with SPF that doesn’t sting.”

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Hand Cream 75ml.jpg3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Cream

This was one of the first luxury hand creams I bought for some ridiculous amount like £16 – I’ve noticed its gone up to £22 – ouch! It is a stunning cream, I love the medicinal smell and the light gel-cream texture a lot (the normal 8 hour cream is obviously far to thick and sticky to use as a hand cream).

I would highly recommend you shop around as you can get this for about £12 from discount websites, do not pay £22 for it!

He says “Its smells nice, its just very good. Sunk in quickly, so it meant I could get on with eating doing stuff. Its been a while since I used it but it stuck in my mind so it must be good.”

Welcome to Cuticura-1.jpg4. Cuticura Dry Skin Intensive Hand & Nail Cream

I got this from Home Bargains, which is like a cheap discount store for £1 when the other half was eating through my moisturizers and was eyeing up my Creme De La Mer – not even the face cream, my eye concentrate for christssake! This is a great budget choice at 99p and I haven’t used it personally but other half says:

He says “This reminded me of Neutrogena and was easy to carry round. It was one of the more long lasting creams so I didn’t have to keep putting it on whilst I was at work.”

gloves in a bottle.jpg>5. Gloves in a Bottle

I liked using Gloves in a Bottle too – this is a shielding lotion and it creates a protective barrier between our hands and the elements and day to day stuff. It sinks in super quick and was handy to carry around. I think I paid about £4 for the small bottle.

He says: “I liked this cos it was compact and lasted ages on my hands. It was easy to apply and wasn’t too greasy. This is a good one for when the hands are a bit better for maintaining my skin”


Best for healing: Dr Organic Manuka Honey

Best for day to day, working mode: Gloves in a bottle

But really, he just takes what he can get!

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  1. says

    aww, I have the same skin condition as your boyfriend, only not on my hands. I know these dry spots on your body can be hell. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Especially product no 1 would be awesome if it would be a full body product as well (I love Manuka honey for healing my skin)

  2. Row says

    Hi Birkie

    Psstt Dr O have a body lotion and a body butter in manuka honey which are also FAB. Try it out let me know what you think – he wont stop raving about it so it wud be interesting to know if someone else with dry skin loves it just as much.