Thursday Chit Chat: Competition Winners, You Tube Videos

Hi Ladies,

This week is flying past me in a flurry of tummy pains and parcels.

To keep you updated, competition winners of the Norifusion have been contacted and will have their prizes by now and the winner of Touch Eclat is:


Congrats, please email me your address details.


Look out for more fab giveaways this and next week!

Vote or die, b*tch…

You still have Sunday to vote for the name of the Cosmetic Candy Cat!

Go here to vote. Winning so far is Nehru…

You Tube…

Made four videos so far, but who knew that post editing (with a broken computer) would be so time consuming! Looking at myself makes me cringe, but I am guessing I will get better at it as we go along (here’s wishing).

I have made:

1. An Introductory Video
2. Stash
3. Stash Part 2/Organizing make up
4. Quick 10 minute morning make up.

I will upload and set it going at the weekend for early next week :)

More to come, if you have any suggestions for videos, I am thinking of home made face masks and scalp treatments next…let me know!

Quick Question for ladies who cannot access You Tube – would you like videos to be directly viewable on the blog (not via You Tube?) so you can see them?

Is there anyone who would appreciate subtitles (if so what language?)

Beauty & Make Up Thoughts…

1. Bliss Skincare. I got a box of treats (a surprise!) and I am looking forward to trying the Bliss triple oxygen + C energizing cream – its for dull, fatigued skin which is what I have at the moment.

2. Its taking everything in me to not go and buy Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation. Despite having tons of foundation I tried a sachet of this and its wonderful. (I’m not a fan of Pro Lumiere).

3. Speaking of beauty, Cat Beauty that is, my head honcho cat Yuki will be taking a (rather expensive!) visit to the groomers soon. Its hard finding someone who will groom a cat but apparently she will be returned to us all fluffy and crucially, in a bow.

4. MAC To the Beach has arrived. Bought this blind and boy is it cute even though specific products have left me underwhelmed. However it is going in my make up bag this weekend because I am going to the…


This weekend I will be visiting the seaside, freezing to death no doubt. But at least it gives my peepers a rest from the computer.



What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. says

    Oh my, you’re quick. You’ve done 4 videos already? I am beyond impressed and I literally squealing with excitement to see you in my living room next. I’d love to suggest:
    1. Oops, I am an hour late, Mr Candy is in the car waiting, and I got 10 minutes for a evening sultry look
    2. Concealing spots (and other bits) techniques, tips & tricks
    3. A eye look done with just 1 makeup brush
    4. How to apply bronzer, and different ways to darken your skin with makeup without looking oompah loompa, shiny disco ball, Jordan. & a quick run through your fave bronzers
    5. A top 10 makeup products from the ‘drugstore’
    6. How to make your own eyeliner using any shadow for dummies
    7. How to apply fly away pigments for dummies
    8. How to press loose shadows and pigments for dummies
    9. Recommendations for non sticky lipglosses
    10. Video to explain terminology of finishes: frost, shimmery, sparkly, matte, pearl, veluxe, whaaaaa???

    videos to be directly viewable on the blog = nice idea, perhaps a separate tab on your blog where all the videos would be there too

    What am I doing this week end? I am watching cosmetic_candy on youtube, will be trying to come up with a look for @mizzworthy illamasqua contest, and a bit of blogging. Mainly I will be staying home and enjoying every minute of not being at work. YUM. Saturday morning lie in: here we come x
    This post was the best evah. Woop x


  2. Lucy says

    I’d like to see your best picks from drugstore make-up and high end designer stuff :)
    Say you chose foundation, what would be your favourite drugstore one and what would be your favourite high-end one?

  3. Saltedswirl says

    As for me – I like to find new videos in blog…
    But I think that it will enlarge the size of posts.