Exchange Rate Woes

Made a purchase today (some NYX lippies). Check out the rate!

Confirm your payment.jpg

All my UK ladies are crying with me! Plus Paypal always make and extra £££ with their dodgy exchange rate. Why are they allowed to do this?

Using XE, $33 came to £21, on paypal I paid close to £24. What is unfair is that the receiver will also have to pay fees when they get my money. They are making money left, right and centre – but this is an eBay company I guess. Hmph.

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  1. Paypal definitely needs to synchronize its currency rates with XE.

  2. cargolover says:

    Oh i totally agree! Right now it’s just not worth buying most things from the US. Some stuff is actually cheaper in the UK! =/ Worst thing is all these Japanese sellers also charge in $ so even Japanese cosmetics are alot more expensive. I need to repurchase my Lunasol foundation and it’s costing me £10 more than I paid last time! =(

  3. Yup! Save a lot of money if they did Mandy!

  4. Hey Chica

    £10 more!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s madness. Today the was was something like 1.54 on Paypal. It looks the same as XE’s, but it isnt theres always £2-4 quid charge on top which is NOT right cos the seller is already paying fees! Cheeky sods. You right I bought some tarte and stuff frome bay and adding it up in my head, its not worth it. Boo!

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