Bourjois Vintage Pot Collection

As much as it pains me to say, ASOS actually have something decent in for once.

Bourjois Limited Edition Pots:Bourjois_Limited Edition Exclusive.jpg



They are £5.75 each so the same as the retail price. If you are a bourjois nut you may like these – I am VERY tempted but I know the shadows won’t get a look in when I have so many, far superior shadows so I may give it a miss.

ASOS also have Paul & Joe now, and Becca! I love Becca but its very expensive in the UK.

They also have an AMAZING Ciate box set, with 7 polishes inside, these are usually £7.50 but it’s just £25 for 7 colours here.


Mmm it’s time for a stilton cibatta….

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