Review: TheBalm Pick Up Mini Pencils in Mickey

I reviewed some other items from TheBalm last week – I was worried it would be another gimmicky brand but I *loved* everything – the hot blush, the stainiac, the eyeliners.

I went out and got this set called Mickey – three mini pencils in brown, black and gray:


I like these a lot – creamy, soft, pigmented.


You also get a little sharpener:


Mini pencils are very handy but they will get a bit fiddly – if you are used to full length pencils. As you sharpen them down it may get tricker. They are quite hard pencils though – I think they will last a while.




You can buy TheBalm here.

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  1. Just wondering, have you ever used an eye pencil down to a nubbin?

    • Abby – I have at last count about 78 eye pencils and NO i have never done that!

  2. The Balm is lovely, like Benefit but actually nicer. I tried their Two Timer mascara and it’s a cracker.
    Not 100 percent sure about the name though, makes it sound like they just do lip balms or something…

    • Hi Eleanor

      I agree. I prefer (from what I have tried) The Balm over Benefit although the brands appear similar. The name is misleading! I’m not too keen on it but what lovely lovely blushers and stains they have!

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