Review: Tiffa Essence Base and Lengthening Mascara

Tiffa is one of those cute Japanese brands I quite like, but don’t have a very big product range. But one thing I DO like is their long mascara and lash base from the old collection.

So I decided to break my rule of not buying any more mascara’s to try out their new range. Like most Japanese ranges, they tend to release a new base and a long and volume mascara to choose from. I prefer volume but I need length. Lengthening mascaras also tend to be lighter than volume ones, thus hold curl better.

I choose length and the essence base:


This is with the base and mascara (one coat):


The separation is excellent:


It’s lengthening!


At first it held curl, which was good news but then about 10 mins later….flop city:



The essence base of this is not fibery so it won’t irritate your eyes, but it is doesn’t clump up like some others do. However, I didn’t notice any dramatic effects with this primer. It is an Essence base so perhaps it is good for the lashes too? I personally found it a little but too heavy.

The mascara (lengthening) is excellent for adding length and for separating. However – the floppage! It can’t be forgiven.

I prefer the old Tiffa mascara and base more – I got curled lashes, length and definition from that one. Sorry Tiffa!

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