Wednesday Giveaway: Win one of 8 x Vajazzle Crystal Tattoos!

Oh don’t look at me like that. You’re sat there with your almond crossant thinking, WHAT? REALLY? REALLY!? A Vajazzle?! The crystal you stick on your lady bits?! Yes guys, that Vajazzle…

But let’s think about this logically. It’s sparkly. It’s….dazzling. It’s a bit of fun. Please note I won’t be held responsible for any missing crystals if it makes you a bit frisky.

With that in mind let’s do the Wednesday Giveaway!


So that the love can be spread around, there will be EIGHT winners who will get one design worth £7.99 (at random) each.

Want to win?

Just leave a comment* answering this question.

‘If you could have a vajazzle made into any slogan or design what would it be?’

Me: Dunno, Tom Hardy’s face maybe.

*You can use a pseudonym if you wish. I won’t tell.

I will pick the winners next week. Please, for the love of God check your emails.

Visit the Vajazzle Facebook page if you wish and LIKE!

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  1. BornFromSilence says:

    Maybe a curly font saying Bitch or Queen could be fun to have as a vajazzle lol xx

  2. Lou Chambers says:

    My Mobile phone, hopefully it would remind me to take it with me when I left the house 😀

  3. sarah allcoat says:

    Placebo Wings maybe!!!!

  4. omg I nearly spat out my tea when I read this!! I’d have to go with something cheesy, like a big bling arrow hahaha I do wonder how secure these things are, wouldn’t they just ping off if they’re like those body jewels??

  5. I would want the Liz Lisa logo to be turned into a strass sticker

  6. A cherry maybe?

  7. Charlotte W says:

    I would get a cat because… would be funny.
    Haha love the competition


  8. Dye my lady garden green and have the crystals say ‘Don’t mow the lawn’

  9. I would have a pink and clear crystal birthday cake, with yellowe flames (on the candles) and a blue ribbon as it’s my birthday next week. :)

  10. harpreet says:

    id have a smiley face!

  11. Tribal!!

  12. hahaha oh dear, I would have a crown :)

  13. has to be a couple of cherries!!!

  14. KinkyMinky says:

    Personally I think I would go for a lovely comet, pointing downwards!!!!

  15. John Cusacks face.

  16. A likeness of my hamster eating a peanut.

  17. “Keep off the grass”.

  18. Hush Hush says:

    A beautiful butterfly on a runway

  19. Eat Me!

  20. Karen Walkden says:

    union jack … im very patriotic :)

  21. Julie Brett says:

    Stroke me I’m nice.

  22. Anne-Marie Large says:

    A mouse. I adore them.

  23. I would have JUST HERE and a arrow to show lol

  24. Surfs Up

  25. Howdy….don’t know why but that’s what I’d have!

  26. A flower!

  27. Yolanda Barker says:

    A bunny rabbit

  28. Id have the mastercard logo ……….Because it would be “priceless” get it rofl I soooo want to vajazzle my vajayjay lol xxx

  29. Amanda Stark says:

    my cat’s face because he is so cute

  30. Matryoshka says:

    I would have a picture of a fish
    as I already have the smell

  31. Linda Osborne says:

    A Meerkat, so cute, and verrrry popular

  32. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’d spell out the word “Essex”!

  33. Victoria says:

    I’d probably go for somethign simple but obvious like an arrow. Straight to the point!

  34. Pamela C says:

    A flower

  35. Emma Barron says:

    Dazzle me Vajazzle
    This is the slogan i would have

  36. Natalja Popsujeva says:

    Love me! or Kiss me!

  37. ” Vamp” …. my male friends know why !

  38. Stop reading – get back to work

  39. georgina says:

    a big red heart with two little hearts either side

  40. enter here

  41. haha i would prob go for a flower or cherry!

  42. Love

  43. a flower

  44. Oh my parnters initals….im sure he’d find it very funny and definately like it!

  45. Kevin Johnson says:

    I’d have one of those health and safety signs with the words:

    ‘Protective clothing must be worn in this area’


  46. Christine Williams says:

    With the Royal wedding coming up I’d want a sparkly crown.

  47. Rebecca Denyer says:

    I would have our initials L and R because my boyfriend always says we are two halves of a whole ( like left and right)

  48. Natasha R says:

    I like the star in the picture :)

  49. “X marks the spot” lol

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