If you think honey smells like wee, try Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Fondant Body Balm in Honey Miels

Before I begin, I need to tell you that this tub of super rich, super lovely thick honey cream has been stolen from me via Mr C…well it wasn’t ‘stolen’ as such, since we live together it’s pretty hard to steal from each other…I just said he could use a bit when his hands were particularly dry, like how you say to someone, you can have A CRISP and you mean it, and then they just take a giant handful anyway.  He took a giant handful, then he took the whole packet.

Here is the tub, before it was taken from me:

Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Body Balm in Honey Miels 1

This is their new Honey range – it says: This creamy and deliciously scented Apicosma Ultra-Nourishing Body Balm, formulated with over 11% butters and oils as well as our patented 3-Honey-Complex, provides intensive nourishing care for dry skin.

It also contains Royal Jelly, Cocoa Butter and Stevia Leaf (Steve has a leaf?!)

Now back to the title…

You know how honey is lovely, it is AMAZING, I love honey, no predjudice towards the yellow stuff but sometimes, it does smell a bit wee-ish.  Mr C is addicted to Dr Organics Manuka Honey cream which is amazing but smells of very strong honey which you either like, or you don’t.  Actually add indifferent as well, because I am indifferent to the honey smell but sometimes when he uses it, I do look around on the floor to make sure a cat hasn’t peed on my sock again.

Melvita’s Apicosma Fondant (love that word fondant!) doesn’t smell of honey, it’s more like sherbet, like penny sweets.  This is a god send for you honey smell haters – it’s very nice indeed.

Now, the ‘fondant’ is mega thick and rich, it is definitely for those who have very dry skin all over or in patches.  I think it’s wonderful for this kind of weather, and to be honest my skin sucks up this kind of cream.  If you don’t have very dry skin you may prefer to use it as you would use a balm on selective areas only, because it’s thick enough to be compared to say, 8 Hour Cream but without the oiliness:

Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Body Balm in Honey Miels 2

When I have something as smooth as this, I tend to scrape a bit off with a spatula, to minimise ruining the surface, but Mr C stuck his finger right in it, almost to the bottom to wedge some cream out. Why do men do that? It also reminds me of the time he proudly told me he had helped himself to some of my cream for his dry feet – what was it called, I said? ‘Mer something’ he replied.

Texture! Although it is thick, it isn’t oily and doesn’t leave a horrible residue:

Melvita Apicosma Ultra Nourishing Body Balm in Honey Miels 3

The Apicosma range also has a lotion, a regular hand cream etc. if this stuff is too thick and rich for you.

Mr C likes this stuff a lot and says it’s the bomb.  I used it a good few times and really liked it even if it does take a minute or two to sink in.  It’s very repairing and soothing and not really like any other body product I have in that it’s not a regular cream or lotion, but not quite a balm.  It’s a ‘fondant’, dah-ling.This costs £20 a tub and you 150ml, you can buy it here on the Melvita site.

*PR Sample

** I wrote this very late at night, I may regret comparing honey to wee in the morning

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  1. Jen says

    It is exactly the wee-ish scent of honey that really puts me off using honey-based products, it makes me feel sick! This stuff looks luvverly, thanks for introducing us to it :)

  2. says

    This looks gorgeous, just the kind of thick, stiff cream I like. I got the little rose scented owl handcream that you might have seen in River Island for Christmas & that too is lovely & thick like this sounds too. The scent is amazing as well! I think I may give this a try once I finally finish my Dream Cream from Lush – I’ve had it nearly a year!

    Steph xx