6 Days of Mascara No. 6: Accessorize Jet Black Volumising Mascara Review

**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!**

Accessorize make up is quickly making it into the hearts of many a beauty buff, and I got their volumizing mascara to try.

Love the packaging very cute:


The brush is very full and big – not my favourite kind of brush:#alttext#

It’s difficult to know what say about this mascara to be honest. It’s quite an average mascara – it’s not bad but it’s not really amazing at holding curl or adding volume. Don’t you find amongst the good and the bad there’s an awful lot of inbetween?

Here is what it looks like – I would prefer it if the brush was smaller and the formula felt a little bit more wet.


Verdict: A bit meh.

You can buy it here for £5.

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