Swiss Skincare: De Clars Instant Lifting Mask Review

With my skin basically doing a Screw You! on me, I have been dealing with it very gently and leaving it along to repair itself. Face masks is one way I have been helping it along (although I have to be careful because it’s so sensitive at the moment).

De Clars is a Swiss skincare brand and their Instant Lifting Face Mask has that soft of gentle look I like in a face mask. I don’t know – Charcoal masks look *mean*, white creamy masks look *soft* , brown face masks look *effective*, green face masks look *snotty*.


They say:

This mask gives you supple and youthful looking skin. It supplies the skin with deep penetrating moisture. Smoothes lines and wrinkles visibly and immediate. Strengthens skin structure and improves elasticity Natural extracts reduce the signs of an aging skin.

I wasn’t really concerned with the lifting element, more of the hydrating bit – but let’s see.



Apply generously and evenly to the face, neck and cleavage. After approximately 10 minutes remove the dry excess with lukewarm water. For intense revitalizing dab on generously and leave the mask on over night.

As intensive care for a radiant-smooth complexion:

Three times per week for one month

This face mask is very soft and non drying – it’s like a face cream really, and was very comfortable to use – no allergies or stinging.


I couldn’t really smell any fragrance either – overall it was quite smoothing and soothing on my skin.

After washing it off, my skin felt softer, it looked a bit brighter but I couldn’t really see much ‘lifting’ to be honest. I used this over a period of a month and it worked as a nice little skincare boost but I’d say if what you want is a real ‘lift’ effect, there are other masks out there that do it a little better.





I liked this face mask, although I don’t know if I would necessarily go out and buy it. I tend to like masks that definitely do something whether it’s getting the dirt out of my pores or adding an intensive hydration boost. This sort of made things a bit smoother but I can’t say definitely that it had a brilliant overall effect.

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