Kose Salon Style Precious Head Spa Day Damage Care Milk UV Review

Salon Style is a Kose hair care brand. It’s a shame shampoo and conditioners are too heavy to ship over otherwise my shower would be lined with Shiseido!

I actually bought this Salon Style Precious Head Spa milk because I thought it was some kind of sunscreen (because of the UV bit) – there’s no SPF listed but it is supposed to offer some kind of protection.


Kose SALON STYLE Precious Head Spa Day Damage Care Milk contains spa water and botanical extract. It provides daytime hair smoothing and protection from several damages, like UV and dryness due to air conditioning. It is to be used before sleep. It makes barrier from dryness and repairs cuticle. It also prevents hair from splitting. It leaves hair shiny.

This ‘milk’ is sort of a light gel texture. It’s super light leaving no residue, oiliness or stickiness on the hair. It made my hair feel softer and contained the frizz! My hair was a bit shinier after using it. I do really like Japanese hair products because they are so light and unsticky, but still effective.


You don’t get a ton of product (50g) which on my long hair isn’t going to last long. It doesn’t replace a conditioner, or an intensive leave in conditioner, or a styling product etc. etc. it’s just a nice product that gives your hair a weightless boost when you need it. I bought this from adambeauty.com for about $9.

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