Review: Nicky Clarke Detox AC Salon Dryer with Silver Technology

Let me tell you something about Hairdryers. I don’t like them. When I was about 12 I was mindlessly drying my hair and one end of the dryer sucked my hair end, twisting it round into a hairball that had to be yanked out and cut off.

Additionally, my mother always had one hairdryer – a simple, crappy travel one which she used, my aunt used, my nan used, I used for about 15 years until it finally burnt out and went to Hairdryer Heaven. And even then she wouldn’t buy a new one – she tried to see if anyone had one they didn’t want. Chinese mothers.

I already have the excellent Remington Spin Curl but cos I’m lazy I like to use it for…spin curling. I needed something I could just use to blow and, er, go.

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The Nicky Clarke Detox Salon Dryer (£29.39 from Argos) looked pretty good. They say:

* Detox your hair with Nano Silver technology that helps to cleanse your hair from toxins, leaving hair beautifully radiant & shiny
* Long life A.C. Salon Motor
* 2200w power for faster drying
* Ionic technology promotes good condition & helps to control frizz
* Salon slim concentrator nozzle for controlled styling
* Salon Diffuser for a boost from your roots or perfect curls

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When I started using this, the other half immediately said “Ooh. That sounds like a proper one” (by proper I think he means a salon hairdryer). I use the diffuser attachment because it dries my frizz ball hair quicker and this dryer was indeed very powerful and quick at drying. 8 minutes – done!

Now – I don’t know what the silver technology is and I can’t tell you if it is actually in motion but I can tell you that my hair was VERY shiny when done and less frizzy too. It normally looks pretty tangled after a quick blow dry.

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Its quite a heavy dryer, so that’s the only down point I can think of for some people, I personally quite like a sturdy well built dryer. Hairdryers last me till they die so I will quite happily say this one is a keeper. If you have hair like mine, long, frizzy, difficult and a boyfriend that nags when you are getting ready this will make life a lot easier.

Well worth the investment and infinitely better than a travel hairdryer.

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  1. Girl says

    $48.47?!? THAT’S INSANE! Why don’t we have Nicky Clarke products here in the States?!? As it is, I’m currently looking at an outlay of $195 for the FHI Nano Salon Pro hairdryer (which is still cheaper than my current T3 Tourmaline Ionic Blowdryer was -$200 for that heavy plastic monstrosity!).

    • Row says

      Hey Girl

      $195 for a hairdryer? You might as well stick it in an oven, its quicker and cheaper!!!!!! Woah mama!