Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Golden Beige SPF42 No. 31: A BB Cream for darker skins?

Ladies, ladies, us NC35-NC40 -ers have been waiting a long time for this one.

In my endless search for a BB cream that suits my skin and suits my olive skintone, I have spend many pennies, and even when a formula has been good I’ve had to dismiss the product for being far to pale.

Korean BB creams tend to be pale. Very pale to pale, so when I heard about the classic Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in a new shade, Golden Beige I had to source it by any means possible!

Note: This shade is not sold in Korea – it is only sold by Missha in the US.

Current Shade Choice (colours are quite inaccurate if you ask me):


Golden Beige is not that dark or what apricot-y in tone at all.

Anyway, basically speaking, BB cream, or Blemish Balm was created as a cream for people who had gone through laser skin surgery to help it heal. Doctors noticed such an improvement that it was marketed as a cosmetic product.

BB Creams are quite often sold as ‘multi functional’ base products, so they may have foundation qualities, sunscreen, anti wrinkle ingredients, hydrating properties, whitening capabilities, pore concealing elements, oil control yada yada – all in one product.


As I said earlier I haven’t found ‘my’ BB cream yet. I find them very rich and thick and give me little spots and also too pale 99% of the time.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream has been around for a while…
And have cleverly decided to cater for those with darker skins (unfortunately by darker we are talking warm olive – there’s nothing as of yet for darker Asian or black skins).

I can’t tell you how long it took me to get my hands on this product. I think I bribed an eBay seller to get it for me in the end and it’s expensive $29.99, I paid $39.99.

Anyway, back to the product.


This particular BB cream says it has an SPF of 42, anti wrinkle properties and whitening ingredients too. I wasn’t sure what I wanted in my BB cream – I guess just a product I can use when I am super lazy (most mornings) and would mean I could skip a moisturiser too.

So let’s look at colouring. Golden Beige is indeed ‘dark enough’ for my NC35-40 complexion. No question.

But it’s not perfect.


Why? Because it is SO golden. Perhaps they really went overboard with the olive pigment or something but it’s a heavily yellow based BB cream with lots of golden/tan colouring to it.

When applied to me, it looks like I have bronzer on too – hey, it DOES look healthy but I need to emphasise just how yellow it looks on the skin.

The texture is thick but not too oily or silicone-y which I find a lot of BB creams are. It feels pretty comfortable on the skin but it is still a rich product – beware my oily skinned friends.

A lighter formula may be better for you (I have seen some BB ‘water’ products but so far have not been able to source one to purchase).

Product spread out:


I found that his product did start to fade towards the end of the day and I looked quite oily on the t-zone. I needed to blot or powder to control the shine – which naturally I couldn’t be bothered doing but for a long lasting base I would say that you’d need to do this.

Coverage is excellent.

Here is my face before – it was a sensitive day as you can see from the redness:




Can you see how the BB Cream emphasises yellow in the skin?




I waited a long time for this product and I both like it and dislike it.

On the plus side, the BB cream doesn’t look too pale at all, it’s hydrating and makes me glow.

As for the condition of my skin improving after using this – I’d say it doesn’t cause me any damage, no itching, no problems on that front but it’s not reduced scarring or redness etc.

On the downside, this is very GOLDEN – I can just about get away with it, beware if you are scared of looking tanned or very yellow.

It’s also a rich base – this means you will need to powder or find a way to control oil. If you use too much it will just sit on your skin. I usually apply it like I’d apply my face cream and that works.

I will keep using this on lazy days but will not repurchase when it runs out. I hope other brands release darker BB creams in the future!

You can buy this BB cream here if you are in the US or try eBay if you are from elsewhere.

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  1. says

    thanks for reviewing this! I’ve been LOOKING for a darker bb cream. practically given up prior to reading this post. I have pretty strong yellow undertones so I can probably handle the yellow

  2. Julie says

    I remember getting #23 years ago, back when it was like around £10 a tube on eBay including shipping…50ml as well! Bubzbeauty happened to rave about it.
    For me I found #23 not yellow-y at all. Like most people it created a white cast over my face then soon blended into my skin colour later on the day. And like you have experienced, it gets oily and transfers easily.

  3. shell says

    I recently got this #31 because of my skin being very golden based. So i knew this would be perfect for me, especially after seeing your post! so i was really excited about it since i have a hard time with finding the correct makeup for my skin tone because its so gold based. What i didnt understand when i received it was it looked nothing like this, it was darker and no way did it have any gold/yellow tones in it. It was more red! i double checked the bottle and i know its the correct shade of colour but it looks like a totally different shade. Im hugely disappointed lol and have no idea why it doesnt look anything like this or anyone else’s i’ve seen. Either its gone out of date or someone somehow filled up the tube with a different colour! LOL im seriously not joking when i say it was red! thats just my luck :]

  4. Michelle ?? says

    omg lol! i wanna try this XD i’mma buy it when i get a job x________x thanks for reviewing it ;D

  5. visenya says

    I actually really liked this BB cream, as it looked the most natural on me….unfortunately it made me break out like mad :(

  6. Asia says

    Cool I’ve been searching for swatches for this cream I think I can wear the Golden biege it looks kinda similar to MUFE 173 HD foundation what do you thinkg?

  7. Teffy says

    Hello Row, i was wondering what MAC foundation number color are u? I’m NC 40. Do you think it will go well? :)

  8. ANNIE says

    you could try buying #23 also and mixing the two. that’s what i do and it matches much better :) im more of a nc25/30, and nc 35 in winter and it works well. its the matter of how much of the darker color i want to add

  9. feeza nor_malaysian says

    hello, my name feeZa nor from kuala lumpur malaysia, i want to order missha no.31, how to order from you,miss? how much for i need to pay? how i can pay the product ? i’m from malaysia.. i need the product.