SPF LOVE: Laboratoire Remede Translucent UV Top Coat Review

I know, I know, you’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day but I’m kinda lazy and I forget despite having many lovely sunscreens to my disposal.

Sometimes, with a serum, a cream, a primer, a foundation, a powder…it just feels a little too much to sandwich in a sunscreen too. However, a make up artist told me to start using SPF and fast, because my face was clearly darker than the rest of me – eek!

So I have different SPF’s for different occasions but the one that I want, that I really, really want is something super light, super invisible and something that doesn’t make me itch.

I’ve never tried anything from Laboratoire Remede before, but it has a pretty name, so it has to be worth a go:


Laboratoire Remede Translucent UV Top Coat has a SPF 30 and is oil free and not only provides sun protection, it also gives a soft, flawless appearance to the skin (hence the top coat bit).

It comes in 4 shades, Untinted (what I have here) light, medium and dark (presumably if you chose a tinted shade you could wear it as a tinted moisturiser perhaps?)


It’s a nice compact size and is one of those sunscreens that need a good shake before using. Hmm. In my experience, the ones that need a good shake can sometimes leave a slightly oily residue. Please god, let there be no shimmer…Thankfully NO SHIMMER. Phew. And not oily either. Hurrah!

The texture of this is very liquid and you just need a little bit to pat all over the face. Even though this looks white, it isn’t, it’s transparent with no horrible grey cast on the face (and I am quite olive):


No shimmer, no oil, just a really lovely finish.

That’s the thing you see – this SPF costs £30 so it isn’t cheap and I think has to have something more than just being a SPF in a pretty bottle.

And it is – because it gives this beautiful soft finish to the skin (I used it patted on over foundation) – it’s really luminous I guess. So it’s almost like a SPF, skin finisher, foundation (if you get a tinted one) all in one. I really, really like it.


So far am loving this one as a general, daily use sun protection lotion. It is a bit pricey but you can REALLY feel the difference between this and other SPFs that leave any residue on the skin – this is pretty much invisble bar the soft glow you get from using it…


I’m gonna buy this in the 03 Dark tint when I finish this one, it might save me the job of having to use foundation too!

See the product here.

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