Review: Jenulence Minerals Eye Pigments

I got four Jenulence Mineral Eyeshadows in the post in Gold, Apricot Tan, Bronze and Aquamarine:


The shades are pigmented and quite fine textured with a slight shimmer to each eyeshadow. They were very easy to use and blend but I’d definately recommend a primer (as with any loose powder eyeshadow) to make sure it stays put.


The swatches are quite sheer and quite glittery. When applied with a primer they are actually quite pigmented and have a subtle shimmer.

On the Jenulence Website, it says that the eyeshadows are:

Our soft, translucent and light mineral eye shadows are handcrafted from pure cosmetic minerals and pigments without any additives, dyes, waxes, fillers, talc or preservatives. They blend perfectly with each other and create natural, bright and beautiful effects. You may mix them to create your own colors. They are hypoallergenic, non-drying and long lasting. Mineral eye shadows may be applied dry or wet. Any color may be used as a mineral eyeliner; just use a wet eyeliner brush or to use as a mineral brow color use a dry brow brush.

I used the aquamarine with some ID Bare Minerals Eyeliner converter liquid thing and it make the shadow crack – this isn’t the pigments fault but the eyeliner convertor stuff, methinks. Nevertheless I used the green as a liner, gold as a highlight, bronze in the crease and apricot tan (a very nice shade) on the pain part of my eye:

IMG_0037.JPG @ 12.5% (RGB_8).jpg
IMG_0039.JPG @ 14.9% (RGB_8).jpg

On my lips I wore RMK’s new Orange Coral Lipstick B and Orange Coral Gloss:

IMG_0022.JPG @ 12.5% (RGB_8)-1.jpg

My base was by Afterglow (more about them later!):


Overall – nice pigment eyeshadows I haven’t tried anything else from their range though but these were nice and fine, so easy to blend and use.

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