My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty Peruvian Sunflower & Vienna Black Tulip Mask

My Beauty Diary make some lovely face masks and they’ve released some rather cute limited edition masks to celebrate the Taipei International Flora Expo (like the Chelsea flower show?!).

There’s 5 type to choose from and I purchased 2:

1. Japanese Hydrangea Mask – Oil Control & Soothing

2. French White Lily Mask – Whitening & Soothing

3. Formosa White Phalaenopsis Mask – Whitening & Nourishing

4. Peruvian Sunflower Mask – High Moisturizing

5. Vienna Black Tulip Mask – Refining & Softening


I went for Peruvian Sunflower, just because I want to own something with Peruvian in it and Vienna Black Tulip because I like tulips. Yeah…I makes sense like that.

You get 5 in each box and I repeat these are LIMITED EDITION. My Beauty Diary masks are usually more food based (chocolate, sake, yoghurt, apple etc.) so flower based ones are unusual.

I’ve had various My Beauty Diary masks before – some are great, some are just ok, some give me allergic reactions! I also really like FaceQ masks.

Both of these masks are lovely – no allergic reactions and both left my skin feeling refreshed and hydated. Black tulip left my skin looking brighter. The cats like smelling these masks.

Ingredients for Black Tulip:


Ingredients for Peruvian Sunflower:


One thing I do in the cold weather is put these sheet masks (whilst they are still in the packet!) into some warm water and let it warm up for a bit so it’s a sooooottthiinnngggg treatment. Nice and toasty!

I’d definitely recommend these masks, especially if you like flowery scents. Buy these from Alphabeautyuk on eBay, I paid about £8 for these with shipping.

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  1. Gwen says

    They also have French apricot and bird’s nest! They are fairly new. Japanese cherry blossom is floral based but it’s not a limited type.

  2. eli says

    damn ! the ingredients are NASTY, petroleum rules…i was interested in those mask but not anymore so thanks !