YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick; Beige Tribute, Rouge Vermillion, Blanc, Noir Laque & Le Orange – Part 2

Following my previous post discussing (this is starting to sound like a work email) the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks, observe ladies – lip swatches!

I can’t fault the appearance and formula of these lovely lipsticks. YSL have got the lipsticks DOWN, just like Dior has the mascaras DOWN and Chanel has the lip glosses DOWN.

(By the way, what high end brands do you prefer for various products? I love YSL and Dior mascara, Dior for foundation and quints, YSL for lipstick and Chanel for face powder and lip gloss).

Firstly, Noir Laque:


This is very vampy and more of a deep plum than a black:


Not for everyday but passable as an evening shade?

Rouge Vermillion:

This is very much rose as opposed to a RED, it’s pretty and pigmented. I must admit I rarely wear these kind of shades but I think it would be a nice alternative to full on red.


Le Orange:


I love all orange based lipsticks, most of the time, and this is perfect. So bold, so retro!


Blanc, a creative shade:


I wouldn’t say this is utterly unwearable on it’s own – it’s sheer – but it is just a little cold on it’s own:


The nude Beige Tribute:


It is very nude, so nude that I forgot to do the face look but I am sure you can imagine :) It’s a basic nude lipstick with a nice soft, texture.

So, would you buy any of these?

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  1. Asuka says

    From the high-end brands, I opt for Shiseido and Estee Lauder. They have wearable shades and the formula is very skin-lip-friendly! Shiseido’s foundation makes my skin really flawless.

    I’ ve used Dior and it is OK. I could buy lipsticks again, but not foundation.

    I will not buy YSL again – lipsticks, lipglosses and skincare have been utterly disappointing. They either smell bad or dry my lips. The shades look ridiculous on me. YSL Skincare, even the eye makeup remover, didn’t feel comfortable. So, I am not going to try their foundation.

  2. Peach says

    How do you compare Le orange to EXTREME CORAL or MAC Morange??
    I’m eyeing on buying one of these ^^

  3. Candy-Rain says

    Actually, Blanc is not meant to be used on its own. It’s meant to be mixed with your other lipsticks to get that nice frosty finish and a change of colour. I hope you see this and it helps :)

    • Row says


      Yes I mentioned this in the last post – it’s a creative colour (which is why in the post it says ‘creative colour’) and also I mention that it’s not ‘completely unwearable on its own’ – in otherwords, I know it’s not really for wearing solo, but if someone wanted to, they could 😀