Review: Pixi Smoky Eye Kit makes sultry eyes easy

I didn’t have much luck with the Cargo’s smoky eye kit so when I saw this one from Pixi for just £21, I had to have it!

You get an eyeshadow – a quad almost because its got for dark tones in it, a double ended brush (shadow/liner) a gel liner and a mascara in a gift box.

The size of the products (mascara and gel liner) I think are full sized – I know that Pixi isn’t cheap so its pretty good value:

pixi smoky eye kit-3.jpg

But did it far well? See after the jump!They Say:

What it is:

All you need for the perfect smoky eye! Complete all-in-one kit for the ultimate smoky eye.

What it is formulated to do:

Now you have all you need in one handy kit. All products are waterproof to stay on without smudging or budging. The ultimate kit to create smoking hot, smoky eyes! Boost those lashes, define those eyes and smoke it up with sultry a trio of: mascara, gel liner and smoky shadow quad.


pixi smoky eye kit-2.jpg

You can’t tell from the photo there is much of a difference there in the colours. They all seem to have a blackened base (like the MAC style black mineralized shadows).

pixi primer eye.jpg

So I followed the guide that came with the kit. First I applied the Pixi Primer that I bought (they have a few kinds). Then I curled my lashes – did I tell you that the Heroine Make curler is excellent? Better than Shiseido or Shu.

curl lashes.jpg

So first you pick a random colour from the kit and apply all over the lid with the brush:

pixi eyeshadow smoky.jpg

Ideally choose one of the coloured ones, not the darkest black as you will be using this to add definition:

pixi smoky eyeshadow.jpg

Next use a gel liner across the lashes:

pixi sim card.jpg

You can use the brush thats included:

pixi smokey eye kit.jpg

Take the darker shade and apply it to your crease:

pixi smoky eye kit-1.jpg

We then take a metallic lighter shade and place in in the centre of the lid. So it looks like this. We also take the darkest shade under the eye:

pixi smoky eye kit.jpg

Blend (realistically with a clean blending brush) the edges. Add mascara:

pixi smokey eyeshadow .jpg

Overall, I like this kit a lot, a whole lot more than the Cargo one. For one thing, its very good value for a fill sized mascara, gel liner, shadow and brush – the mascara was fine on me, the gel liner was ok too – not quite as creamy as my Bobbi Brown but if you are looking for your first gel liner you won’t be disappointed.

pixi smokey eye.jpg

The shadow itself doesn’t look madly pigmented but as you can see from the photos it barely takes any time to build the colours up. I’d highly recommend a primer (the Pixi one is pretty good it didn’t seem to wash my colours out at all).

You can buy it here for £21.

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  1. Manders says

    Thanks for the helpful review. Been lemming this ever since I saw it in one of Pixiwoo’s videos ( what got me was when she said the shadows were a bit like beauty marked, greensmoke & deep truth), but after seeing the swatches I’m not sure anymore…. would have liked the colours to show up a little less “black”. Great value for money though, considering the liner & mascara are £16 each .

    • Row says

      Hi Manders

      Ooh I discovered pixiwoo recently and now i cant. stop. watching.

      Anyway, I dont think the quad is super super pigmented BUT once applied its still smokey and as u can see, easy peasy to use. The price is EXCELLENT for the kit!

  2. Heather says

    I love this look. I’ve tried to do smoky eyes before, but it just doesn’t seem to work. This makes it look SO easy–thanks for the tutorial! :)

  3. says

    @Manders If you want the colours to show stronger you need to use a different base.
    Just like Beauty Marked etc…these colours will appear wishy-washy if not applied over an emollient base. Try an eye kohl blended over the lid first.
    This technique also works to keep the glitter in a shadow. (in the case of NARS and MAC)