YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick SPF 15 Review & Swatches Part 1

Hope you are ready for a picture-tastic post as these YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks! I am a bit slow getting these up, but it’s totally worth it!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture is the newest lipstick to the YSL family. I do think YSL have the nicest high end lipsticks out there (in the Western market).

I have 5 colours here to review and swatch!


If you’re wondering why they are all pointing in weird directions it’s because I lined up the base and as you can see, they are all a bit random!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture comes in 18 colour choices from neutral to bright reds to dark blackened purples.

They say:

A new-generation lipstick inspired by Monsieur Saint Laurent’s iconic color palette—red, fuchsia and orange—in a collection of captivating couture shades that offer each complexion a customized look.


These lipsticks have a SPF15 and are supposed to give an intense pigmented satin finish to the lips. It is also supposed to be long wearing.

Typically, these lipsticks come in the gold case – it’s very glamourous and well made (I’ve held a lot of expensive but lightweight flimsy products lately!) and this one is really nice although the packaging shows fingerprint marks easily and I do find shiny gold can sometimes wear off.

It’s a bit like the rubbery Nars packaging I guess! Looks great, ruined in a second.


Here are the colours I have been playing with!

04 Rouge Vermillion looks like a blue based red but it’s actually more of a rose on the lips. It is very wearable and is the sort of shade I would recommend to ladies who don’t like nudes and want a bit of natural colour on the lips.


10 Beige Tribute is a nude – you know adore nudes so much – and this is quite a light one. It’s more of a true beige, it is very light and it’s not as pigmented as the previous colour. If you like nudes you will like this, no question – although the shade isn’t extraordinary the texture makes up for it.


12 Blanc is one of the creative colour shades. No one is expecting you to go out like frosty the snowman, this can be used on top of another colour to add gloss and sheen or to lighten another lipstick.

It has a slight shimmer to it.


13 Le Orange is a beautiful, stunning bold red-orange. I prefer red oranges to blue based oranges any day, and this one is LOUD but really gorgeous. Makes your lips look healthy too and most of these sort of colours are quite unforgiving!

I really like!


Noir Laque is another creative colour – it looks like it’s black, it’s more of a really dark purple. Add this to another lipstick to make it darker. Combined with a red I think this could be quite vampy and nice!




The texture is lovely, and I didn’t expect anything less.

Although I do like Rouge Volupte, (the Perle is ok too!) I have complained before that because it is so creamy, so soft, that in the wrong shade it can be unforgiving because it is opaque.

To me, Rouge Pur Couture is the slightly more refined subtle cousin, because it’s a lighter (yet still pigmented) texture so it’s easy to wear. It feels feathery light, and I had no worries of smudging or smearing.

It also lasts longer than Rouge Volupte, which by nature is so creamy that it isn’t going to last ages. For a party, I would choose Pur Couture because it is longer wearing.

Don’t get me wrong – I so love Rouge Volupte too and it’s great when I want something super super creamy but for something I can apply without a mirror I would use Pur Couture.

By the way I used a dab of the Noir Laque with the beige – you can see how it darkens it:


It’s darker but there is a slightly plum edge to it. Bear that in mind! I like it but I like to play about with products and colours anyway.


Expensive but lovely. Priced at £22 each

P.S. Lip Swatches coming up next!

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