Super Ultra Nude Lipstick! Candydoll Lipstick in Ramune Pink & Vanilla Beige Review

Candydoll is a cute Japanese brand focused on the Gyaru look. Their range isn’t very big, it’s cute though, but a bit cheap and plastic-y looking (especially the blushers!).

Even so, I did a little haul of their lipsticks (there are only three in the range, Vanilla Beige, Ramune Pink and Pink Lemonade.). I missed out Pink Lemonade…

Here is the kind of look you get with this brand/lipstick:


The lipstick comes in plastic packaging with a stripy sweet shop type look.

Now – god knows I have the biggest collection of nude lipsticks (I am actually now starting to favour softer rose – mauve type shades) but I thought these were interesting because they are SO nude:


When does a lipstick turn into a lip concealer or basically a concealer stick!?….
Like I said earlier, the packaging for this range looks nice but feel cheap. The same applies for these lipsticks – it’s not ugly, but not up to the usual Japanese attractiveness.


I sort of knew what I was getting when I ordered these; I knew they would be extremely nude and most likely quite hard to wear without looking deathly. So no complaining about that!

I was worried about them being dry – they look like they could be and nude lipstick on dry lips is horrible, makes them look extra flaky.

Vanilla Beige is a very light honey yellow.

Ramune (I think it should be called Ramone) pink is a very light pale soft pink.




These are much nicer textured than I expected. They are soft and glossy with a good level of pigmentation and didn’t feel dry despite their opacity.

Having said that, if I had very dry lips I would avoid these until my lips were in better condition. I just don’t think nude lips + dry flakes mix well.

I found it a bit hard to get lip swatches of them though – I think because I have a medium skintone, the lip stick shades sort of fade into my skin colour a little so I have taken pictures from a greater distance so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Vanilla Beige:


Really light, almost like lip concealer but with a nicer, glossier texture.

Ramune Pink:


It has a bit of a Kim Kardashian look to it, this pink?


Actually, these are great nude lipsticks but they are UBER nude and quite unforgiving. I wouldn’t slap these on every day necessarily but I would use it when I’m wearing a stronger eye. The colours are totally in keeping with the Candydoll brand and look though!

I paid retail price for these (About £9 each I think).

Do you like nude lips?

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  1. says

    Ooh, I love the way Ramune Pink looks in the tube and on your lips, but not necessarily on mine.

    P.S. Rest assured that it’s Ramune without any typos! 😀 It’s a type of soda we have in Japan; think Asian Cola, heh.

  2. says

    wonderful pictures! its too bad that japanese lipsticks are always so light. i don;t think darker skintones can pull it off. thanks for the review! i think there might a lipstick in soda pink too

  3. pitchapa says

    i’ve just bought a candydoll lipstick from you and it smells kind of weird but i’m not sure if it’s the normal smell i just want to make sure how your lipstick smells