Swatches: Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette

I got my matey over in the US to pick up the palette for me….Kat Von D’s True Romance Palette! I have a few of her palettes and I do like them very much.

Kat Von D at Sephora_ Gift Ideas & Palettes-1.jpg

My 15 year old cousin loves her. I am getting Kat’s book as one of her Christmas gifts…no rude bits in it, I hope.

Anyway, here is the palette. It is a complete and utter beauty:

Kat Von D Eyeshadow True Romance-1.jpg

Why? lots and lots of beautiful greens:

Kat Von D True Romance Palette.jpg

The yellow is a cream shadow/liner….

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow.jpg

The left hand side has black, white, grey, plum. Its interesting – in most of her palettes they stick in some useful neutrals too.

Kat Von D Eyeshadow True Romance.jpg

This side, the yellow is cream – I love all the shadows here since I just love greens. The dark sparkly shade is especially nice.


Kat Von D True Romance Palette Green .jpg

Glad I bought it? Yes yes yes, totally gorgeous, love it!

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  1. how much is the palette?

  2. Love Kat Von D’s palettes, so badly want one but don’t have a chum over in the states to help me out! Her book’s great.

  3. I’ve got this too, it’s gorgeous! Well worth the money. I want her to come out with some new palettes!

  4. oh my i love love love this =) i love greens !!!

  5. Just like your 15 year old cousin, I love Kat Von D too! When I lived in Barcelona, I used to watch Miami Ink relegiously-I kinda hate tattoos and I hated them even more back then (I had an o.d.-EVERYONE has a tattoo in Barcelona) but I loved this show. I guess I have a thing about this type of lame reality shows.
    Anyways, the palette looks lovely indeed!

  6. I’m still waiting for the make up Gods/Goddesses to drop one on my lap. I just can’t afford anymore make up!! Urgh >:(, cheap propecia without prescription, mexican phentermine