Swatches: Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette

I got my matey over in the US to pick up the palette for me….Kat Von D’s True Romance Palette! I have a few of her palettes and I do like them very much. My 15 year old cousin loves her. I am getting Kat’s book as one of her Christmas gifts…no rude bits in it, I hope. Anyway, here is the palette. It is a complete and utter beauty: Why? lots and lots of […]

5 totally weird lip stick colors to try

I’m away at the moment but I have left you with 5 completely off the wall lip colours to try – a greeny-yellow, and icy blue, a silver, a black and an apple green. Shu Uemura GR062s lipstick: No idea why I bought this, but I had a thing for green colours lately! This is a beautiful glossy lipstick which looks like a sickly yellow, and leaves a light, greeny gloss on the lips. Green […]

Kat Von D Lighting for Lips Kit


I mentioned that I had got Kat Von D’s lighting for lips set so decided to open the box and have a quick play. In the kit are mini sized lip glosses, packed with glitter: Gut reaction? These are very pretty and easy to wear because they are sheer – in fact I’m almost a bit dissapointed that they are so sheer that the colour is barely noticable – the glitter is the focus here. […]

Kat Von D


Am I going too quick for you? Should I reduce the amount of posts I have up? Anyway, spotted these Kat Von D Palettes on eBay for wayyy more than they actually cost from Sephora, but being a Brit, it’s my job to be ripped off. I know Kat Von D is a tattoo lady from Miami Ink. This is what she looks like: Eeerrrr – let’s find a more flattering image. There! She’s pretty, […]

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