The Body Shop Love Etc. Purfume or Eau De Parfum, if you are posh

The Body Shop kindly sent me a bottle of their new scent (more about this later) called Love Etc. but I keep calling it Love Actually…

The Body Shop - Fragrance - New Love Etc....jpg

Advertising for Love Etc. or the new Bewitched video?*

*Click here at your peril. I won’t pay medical bills for bleeding ears.

I am no good at dissecting scents, but I can tell you if I like something or not. When I am on the perfume counter I spritz, sniff and shake…my head that is. Its either a yes or a no.

the body shop love etc....jpg

This scent has..

…the following notes:

Notes of pear, neroli, bergamot – combine to create the fragrant top notes. provide the initial scent of the fragrance.

Notes of jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley – combine to create the middle notes that vibrate across the fragrance. are the heart notes of the fragrance.

Notes of vanilla, sandalwood, creamy musk – combine to create the base notes of the fragrance. tend to linger on the skin longer than the other notes.

Basically it smells like vanilla to me, but a very lovely warm vanilla. I am fond of those sweet scents (its not sickly) so it suits me very well. I also thought it lasted pretty well until I showered again (which is a day. Honest).

The packaging (the multi coloured love hearts) is super cute but the bottle is a bit dated. However, its a compact shape, so easy to carry round in the bag if you so wish.

You can buy it here for £11.70.

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