Ebay & Paypal Discount Code

Ebay UK have a pretty nifty deal…

But buy something from Ebay, until the 31st January, and get £5 of the post and packing costs. If the shipping is less, the whole amount will be erased.

This is particularly good for items in Asia – you know how sellers there tend to list things for 1p and have £4.99 for shipping?! Well it’s time to grab a 1p bargain!

Just enter the code – CHEERS1 as a voucher on Paypal.

You can only use the coupon once per account, so choose wisely….

NOTE: As usual Paypal just has to rip you off, just that little bit more…the current exchange rate is 1.95 $ to £, but Paypal always gives you a lower rate anyway so it is something like 1.92. After I applied the code, I was given the rate of 1.90 *like magic* and as my purchase was in dollars. So it is more like a £3 discount of shipping once Paypal have finished ripping you off. Just so ya know :)

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  1. petitebelle says

    ooh how lucky! I wish they would have something like that in the US. But I won’t complain much since everything in the UK is super expensive already.

  2. Jaime says

    I got an email about it, tried to use it and it wouldn’t let me. Not sure if it was because I had bought 2 items (from the same seller) but I’m not really suprised about it just annoyed. There’s probabley loads of little terms & conditions so that most people end up not using it.

  3. Row says

    Jamie – thats rubbish! THat should not make a difference at all, but its frustrating when that happens. Hmph.