Kat Von D Lighting for Lips Kit

I mentioned that I had got Kat Von D’s lighting for lips set so decided to open the box and have a quick play.

In the kit are mini sized lip glosses, packed with glitter:

Gut reaction? These are very pretty and easy to wear because they are sheer – in fact I’m almost a bit dissapointed that they are so sheer that the colour is barely noticable – the glitter is the focus here.

Not that that’s the bad thing. Around the the winter I find glitter shades like these especially appealing cos the twinkle in the dark.

Saint – is a clear shimmer white shade

Bam – is a pinky colour, super sheer with sparkles

Fierce Red- has a reddish base and lots of glitter

Stormy – is the nicest one of the bunch, a plight plum with gold multi sparkles and what not – very nice

Gunshine – is the odd charcoal gloss. It sounds odd but I saw a lot of potential for this on top of other colours but as you can see from the swatch they didn’t feel very glittery to me – no glitter, no pigment.

Overall I like this set – it will be a nice easy one to wear, and it no where near as dramatic as it looks in the tube. But still, the Kat Von D eyeshadows are far superior and if you only get one thing from her range, make it that.

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