I go back to black…

Every other month, I have this panic thing, where I decide my hair colour is horrid and go out and buy some random dye, only to go to Sally’s the day after for some Rusk Eliminate (hair dye remover) and end up back at square one.

My hair is stupidly long at the moment, and a bondi beach Jessica Alba type blonde. Its lovely and brightens the face, but is also prone too looking dry and unhealthy.

So I decided to go back to my roots – a dark brown. Now, everytime I dye it dark I hate it all over again. I feel like darker hair can be draining, and requires a bit more maquillage in the morning.

That being said, black is my natural hair colour, so it can’t be THAT hideous – can it?!

I choose two packs of Garnier Nutrisse – purely because it was on offer, I might add. There are so many choices these days for hair dye that it impossible to choose. I used to use Feria, before it burnt chunks of my scalp off…

I was also tempted by some Dior Gloss – Ultra Addict Gloss in Denim Pink, a medium pink with blue sparkles.

Now – it looked a lot better – more of a cool candy in the shop, but it looks a lot duller in natural light. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a go…

I also had been lemming RMK’s colour correction base in Silver:

I don’t normally go for white brightners – I just feel they are a little ashy on the skin but I love the effect of this – it gives unadulterated glow! (But I wouldn’t use it over any large pores).

The RMK way is to use their primer, then the colour corrector, then foundation and no powder unless you are oily. I don’t know if I would do that everyday, but I would most likey mix in some colour corrector (which is very watery and lasts a long time) in with the foundation to save time.

There is also a peach colour corrector, which has more coverage and is warmer, but less brightening.

I haven’t updated as much lately as I have had several projects on the go!

The next big make up thing I am working on is photo documenting my entire stash with swatches – I love looking at swatches myself, and find them so useful, so since I have a big and unusal collection of make up, it should come in handy for a lot of you! I will upload it onto another website and keep it there for people to use as a reference…so bear with me!

Some people have been asking how little Megan is – she is very good and we’ll probably make another video this weekend. She’s been busy, what with playing out an all!!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I have naturally medium brown hair (looks almost Chestnut or Ash-brown in daylight but dark brown in photos) and have long contemplated dying it black (it looks so elegant to me). That said, I’m not sure if it’ll so very elegant ON me. Here’s hoping, though…