Ingrown Hairs? Try Blinc Resurfacing resurf.a.stic

resurf.a.stic ingrown.jpg

Blinc are better known for their ‘tube’ mascaras that wash off easily but don’t run or smudge. I was surprised to find their ‘stic’ range – three chubby sticks with exfoliating qualities.

blinc resurf a stic.jpg

There’s ‘ingrown’, ‘face’ and ‘body’. I am guessing the difference is the size of the crystals in the stick that vary (you obviously have to be more gentle with the face).

I picked up the Ingrown version because I am always trying to find a solution to ingrown hairs. I have tried al the usual ingrown hair solutions – they work ok but because they contain so much alcohol, they skin and burn, they also dry out the skin.

The stick:

blinc resuf a stic .jpg

Blinc’s is different because it isn’t a liquid, its used before hair removal and it doesn’t hurt.

They say:

resurf.a.stic™ is the original, one-step innovation that combines hydration and long-lasting, skin-enriching treatment with professional-quality microdermabrasion.

Medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals that are equally efficient on all sides are embedded in a unique stick form, making resurf.a.stic™ highly effective, easier, faster and more sanitary than messy creams, gels or complex mechanical devices.

resurf.a.stic™ ingrown is specially formulated to liberate, avoid and inhibit ingrown hairs.

Larger crystals are used to free ingrowns and smooth razor bumps by gently removing the layer of skin that is trapping the hairs beneath. Moisture is released all day to help regenerate damaged skin tissue while providing areas like the underarms, bikini line or face with a smoother, silkier feel.

Use prior to shaving.

Here is the stick – its a clear solid gel and the little crystals are just about visible:

blinc resurfacing stic.jpg

I have been using this prior to shaving, and its great! Its made a big difference to the amount of ingrown hairs I get and it improves the finish too. I do prefer this to slapping on alcohol based products which hurt and make my skin flake:

Blinc resurfacing.jpg

You just have to remember to do it, that’s all. When you are in a rush its easy to forget.

Otherwise its the perfect item for preventing ingrown hairs. Its £27.95 from the Blinc site – expensive but this baby will last (my Tend Skin smelt like vinegar after 6 months and ended up in the bin….) so to me this is a worthy purchase.

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