Day 3 Giveaway: Clynol Gift Set

** I will be giving away one Christmas Goody a day until Christmas Eve! Check back everyday to enter. All winners will be chosen and announced by 01st January 2010!!!**

Clynol has some fab hair styling products – basically anything you would need to create a hair ‘do’. This Look At Me Gift Set comes in a rather nifty white pouch with three products:

clynol gift set.jpg

You get full size:

Clynol Look at Me Delicious Boosting Hairspray 500ml
Long lasting finishing spray fixes your style in place and adds natural shine – your style is sure to last all night!

Clynol Look at Me Centre Stage Smooth Styling Cream 100ml
Don’t let your hair tease you! Control unruly hair and rebel ends into hair like silk with this unique styling cream.

Clynol Look at Me Glitz Shine Serum 50ml
With added Sejan Seed extract, this sealing serum helps prevent your hair from breaking while keeping your colour fresh.

clynol look set.jpg

How to enter…

Either leave a comment telling me – What is the worst hair style you have ever had?


I used hot rod type curlers once, the curls were SO TIGHT and poodle like. Hideous.


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You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Good Luck!

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  1. Rosie says

    home bleach.. age 15 used hydrogen peroxide on dark hair.
    There is absolutely no photographic evidence of the haystack that was my hair for months until it grew out and i grew up!!!

  2. Jane Willis says

    After my second baby was born I decided to have a perm to save myself styling time, so got a travelling hairdresser round to the house to do it for me. I started to worry when she muttered, “Oh dear, it seems to have taken VERY well…” and got even more worried when she left in a hurry without waiting to be paid. When I finally plucked up courage to look in the mirror, I had a tight Afro style that stood out about 6 inches in each direction. It took months to grow it out.

  3. says

    Mushroom haircut when I was 9. As in pseudo bowl, but since I have wavy hair, it had way too much volume on the sides, making my head look like a mushroom. My first citizen card had a picture of that: thankfully, my dad lost it.

  4. sassyele says

    OMG….my worst hairstyle was a perm when i was 13! i wanted my fringe left straight, but they permed it and, well, i could have gone in for a poodle comp and won hands down! the curls were really tight, which also meant they were frizzy – i combed my hair as straight as i could the second i got home!!

  5. Kelly Manton says

    Ohhh! When I was 8 I had almost all of my hair chopped off! Even used the hair clippers underneath! I’ve sent you a pic of it on twitter!


  6. Nina says

    When I was in the second grade my mum had me and my sister’s hair cut like a boy’s! We had blunt bangs like Lloyd Christmas in Dumb & Dumber. Oy.

  7. Donna B says

    My worst hairdo was a shaggy perm, sounded great but i have very thick hair and i ended up looking like i’d had a bad electric shock LOL. xx

  8. sarah A.dahir says

    your question made me think about all the hair styles i had over all these years. id have to say that my worst hairstyle choice was when i started dying my grey hair at home and i wanted to look funky but my hair color turned into orange streaks. yes ORANGE. worst thing i was called for job interview . i hurried der wearin tat hair wit pink suit (shockin contrast) . on my way it rained so i sat in interview wit orange hair ,sumdged liner and pink suit. i was humiliated.

  9. martan says

    For some weird reason my grandma decided to cut my hair when I was in 2nd grade.She did an awful job on me and I had to wore hats for a long time.

  10. Claire says

    When I was a itty bitty gal, I had the worst mushroom hair. You know what I’m talking about, when you cheap out and get a haircut from your mum. She puts a bowl on my head and cuts according to the bowl. Horrendous!

  11. Caroline says

    I went to a hairdresser place in China Town, it was really small but my mum’s friend told her it was good. I got my my hair cut by this chinese women who only spoke mando so I had to get my mum to translate what I wanted my hair like. I was 12 at the time, she cut my fringe wonky, it was way to short and the layer’s were so bad. I had about 50 layers, if that was even possible! It was like I had a bob, but I didn’t o-o.

  12. Heather says

    In elementary school, my mom would do my hair every morning. Normally it would always consist of apply some brightly colored, unusual bow somewhere on my head. I look back at those pictures…and inside I scream, “why!?”

  13. roisin says

    once my mum plaited my hair to try and give me the crimpy wavy style except this time for some reason she did them super small so in the morning when I took them out I looked like christina aguilera in lady marmalade, what was worse was I had to go to school like that.

  14. Tara says

    Oh gosh, thats easy- a top knot. Yes thats right. For about 5 years I would tie the front part of my hair up in a huge scrunchie! Oh my. It was even worse than my perm!

  15. says

    Before I started to dye my hair it had a terrible brown color. One you can’t describe…it was simply ugly. So it was long and coarse and I wore it in a pony tail most of the time and the curling baby hairs framed my face like I was a witch….It hurts to remember it. Such a shame. >.>

  16. Emme says

    I used to dye my hair myself, and it was a disaster! I never thought it was ugly though, it took a family member to tell me. Looking back, I really feel embarrassed!

  17. Ru says

    that emo haircut with thick bangs…it was less emo and more Mullet!! sad part is…i didnt even want the emo look! Took forever to grow out the mullet!

  18. Phi says

    A straight across fringe (what do you call that??) as a kid. Did not work because I had a cow’s lick in the middle of it which meant my fringe looked normal on one side but on the other it was mysteriously missing…

  19. says

    about four years ago, i have a graduation dinner (form 6).. my friends wish to have a good image for the dinner.. then we went to one hair salloon. We have some budget n so we choose student hairstylist to help us. i choose a japanese curl perm. but ended up a aunty perm hairstyle. after get out from the hair salloon, i quickly walk to the toilet n salloon is located in a shopping center, and i need to walk for a quite a long distance to reach the toilet. Everone was looking at me when i was walking to the toilet and i wish i can take a mask to cover my face. After i went into the toilet, i wash it with water because my hair was just temporary perm.. **luckily.. From that day onwards, i don’t dare to perm curly hair~~

  20. diskogal says

    Well, my first hair straightener had removable plates and one of the extra plates you could use was that toaster-like one for wavy crimped hair…I thought it looked cool back then, but now I realise I looked like a huge wavy Lay’s chip.