Speed Review: Clynol Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Tonic


The though of losing hair is always scary, especially when being youthful and attractive seems to mean having a thick head of hair. In fact 6 out of 10 women experience hair loss at some point in their lives; stress, diet or genes could be to blame. I know that when I am stressed I lose hair more easily, and I remember in my teens finding a patch on my scalp which was dramatically thinner […]

Day 3 Giveaway: Clynol Gift Set

** I will be giving away one Christmas Goody a day until Christmas Eve! Check back everyday to enter. All winners will be chosen and announced by 01st January 2010!!!** Clynol has some fab hair styling products – basically anything you would need to create a hair ‘do’. This Look At Me Gift Set comes in a rather nifty white pouch with three products: You get full size: Clynol Look at Me Delicious Boosting Hairspray […]

Review: Remington Spin Curl Hairdryer

result from the back

Ok, it’s taken a while but I have finally got this review up (and video!). I first spied the Remington Spin Curl Hairdryer in a corner of Boots and was horrified by the scary attachment-blowy type thing. Then, hearing lots of postive comments on my post about it I had to try it out. The spin curl has an attachment that curls the hair whilst it dries. Basically. The curls are not ringlets or anything […]

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