Review: Remington Spin Curl Hairdryer

Ok, it’s taken a while but I have finally got this review up (and video!).

I first spied the Remington Spin Curl Hairdryer in a corner of Boots and was horrified by the scary attachment-blowy type thing. Then, hearing lots of postive comments on my post about it I had to try it out.

The spin curl has an attachment that curls the hair whilst it dries. Basically. The curls are not ringlets or anything like that, but loose, beach type waves. My main concerns were:

1. Will I end up with bald patches and
2. Will the curls last?

The answers are no and yes!

The boyf wasn’t interested in this hair dryer AT ALL untill he clicked the attachment on for me. “Why its like….its like…a…wind turbine…”

Yes, I said, a wind turbine.

But it kind of is. The annoying thing I have literally just had my hair cut and there are tons of very, very short layers in my barnet. That makes it harder to spin curl, but not impossible.

Here’s my way of explaining how to do it:

1. Wash hair. Brush.
2. Use the nozzle and blow dry the roots. This is important or you have flat hair/roots.
3. Attach the spin curl, er, attachment. Apply a curl enhancing product. I am fond of Clynol.
3. Seperate, if you want, your hair so its a bit easier to dry. Take a section (small or chunky, both worked well) and turn the dryer on its most powerful setting and highest speed.
4. Put your section into the attachment. There’s nothing there at all that you can get your hair stuck in, its just a tube, and the air from the dryer will suck it in and twist it so it comes out looking like a dreadlock.
5. Leave this and do the rest of your head.
6. Let the dreadlocks to cool down. If you want to look like a nutter, leave them as is. What you actually need to do is seperate them gently (all of them!) the results is a soft natural wave.

Took me and my giant bush mop 10 mins tops to dry my hair. It’s actually a very powerful and effective hairdryer generally (but what do I know? I use the fan in the car to dry my hair sometimes.)

Here’s the video by the way. Don’t mock. I have been tired all week!:

Results from the back

No, I am not Megan’s mum – she is half beach ball, half mischievous sprite, plus I was a mere child myself when she was born. Anyway….

Some random thoughts on the Spin Curl…

– It is really important to dry your roots first, because otherwise your hair will look kind of limp
– It works best on long hair, or from shoulder length.
– A curl enhancing product really makes the curls last.
– Do have it on the highest speed setting even if you don’t have it on the highest heat (it depends on your hair) because the speed is what will give your hair the twist.
– Do smaller sections for a smaller curl (obviously).

So yep – the Spin Curl was not torture at all, it’s fab! It’s pretty effortless which is good as I am extremely lazy with my hair and it dries quickly since it is pretty powerful.

Well recommended for ladies with longer locks.

You can buy the spin curl here from Boots for £39.14.

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  1. says

    whoa…this is what i call innovation! don’t have to worry about burning your fingers with the curling thongs. thanks for the video, hope to see more soon 😀

    • Row says

      Hey Lyn

      That’s a good point – I have TONS of curlers, about 5 and I find them all a pain in the butt to use, clipless or not. It takes too long with my long hair and it doesn’t necessarily last. The spin curl does a good enough job and its quicker!

  2. Lucy says

    What a great review – so well written and *funny* – really made me giggle in a couple of places.

    Don’t know how I have survived without one of these in my life so far – I’m off to price compare and get one – byeee! and thanks!

  3. Suzi says

    I really wanted to try this but I’ve actually been put off when you described the effect created as waves rather than ringlets.

    I love my ringlets – do you think you could create them using this dryer?

    Thanks and great review – I like you style :)

    • Row says

      Hey Suzi

      I don’t in all honesty think you could create something as tight as a ringlet with this hairdryer – at most, it produces quite a strong wavy look, like a beach babe :) But a ringlet? I don’t think so. If your hair has a natural curl and bounce then it may give you a tight curl but if your hair is straight to begin with, I doubt it would work :)

  4. Suzi says

    Oh no, my hair is naturally curly anyway. But it’s quite soft so it’s not as curly as it could especially now it’s longer. I can sleep on it and the curls at the top will just drop out.

    Maybe I’ll keep my ringlets with it.. hmm.

    • Row says


      It may very well keep your hair looking bouncy :o) It keeps my hair curled untill I wash it again…

  5. Hair_Queen says

    Your amazing and comprehensive blog inspired me to go and buy Spin Curl.
    Ive tried it and love it! :)

    It creates an amazing natural looking wave on my hair. I use it on family and friends hair too!!

    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of such a great product!

  6. Susie D says


    What are the names of the three products that you used in your video?
    I was soooo pleased when i was given a Spin Curl for Christmas but when i tried it out on my hair (which is dead straight, thin and limp) nothing happened except a long knot type thing.

    i am hoping it will work if i use some good products…fingers crossed!

  7. melissa says

    Thank you for the info, although I prefer my Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which works amazing, dries my hair fast and keeps my hair soft, shiny and with volume. 😀