Organic Product Review: Yin Yang Scalp Cream

Regular readers will know I have trouble with my scalp sometimes and its not a easy thing to take care of. Certain shampoos can set me off, certain hair dyes, certain things I eat. I am always trying out new treatments and this one by organic skincare company Yin Yang caught my eye:

Yin Yang Organic Skincare_ Scalp Cream.jpg

This is Scalp Cream – its a wash or rub in cream which is rather interesting. The majority or scalp treatments I have tried are light liquids (left on) or thicker creams (to be washed off). This is a cream but it can be left in. Hmmm.

nettle & zinc scalp cream yin yang.jpg

They say:

Yin Yang Scalp Cream contains tincture of organic & bio-dynamic nettles and Zinc in an emulsion of organic soya protein, coconut oil and wheat germ oil, delicately fragranced with Essential Oil of Limes.

Nettle has a tradition for being used for scalp conditions, either as a wash or a rub in cream, while zinc has been shown to be an effective agent in the recovery of skin affected by dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

scalp cream zinc and nettle.jpg

I’ve tried all kinds of scalp lotions – some work ok, some don’t – a lot sting like a mutha…This cream is rather a lovely, and is easy to use despite being thick. Another thing I hate – greasy hair.

The key is knowing where to apply it and not applying too much. If you slather this all over your head you are going to look like a grease bomb hit you. Applied specifically to the scalp, not to the hair it actually sinks in quickly and doesn’t look greasy to smell too ‘herby’.

zinc & nettle cream.jpg

I applied this to areas I have dryness and actually, its quite lovely. Its certainly an unusual product and was a relief for my dry itchy scalp (especially in winter). Like this product a lot, I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from a dry, sore scalp like me.

nettle zinc scalp cream.jpg

You can buy it here for £15 (for 50ml).

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  1. says

    It sounds like a moisturizer for the scalp. I have trouble with dryness at times so I’d love to try this. Herb-y scents are nice too.