Rock Face Minerals

I have still be experimenting with different types of mineral make up and I stumbled across Rock Face Minerals, a UK based mineral make up company.




The three colours I got were very soft, pigmented but very fine textured.


I also got a top veil powder and a bronzing type blush:




More about Rock Face Minerals:

Rock Face minerals products do not contain bismuth oxychloride, fillers, talc, cornstarch, nanoparticles, micronized minerals, fragrances, parabens or carmine.

What I liked about Rock Face minerals is that there aren’t any nasty extras in the mineral make up and it showed because I had no itchyness at all. It also lasted ALL DAY – my skin still glowed.

There’s a big range of foundations. The one I choose was a bit too yellow for my skin tone, but the shades are actually split into categories on the site:

* Rose Shades

* Peach Shades

* Honey Shades

* Sand Shades

* Olive Shades

* Pale Shades

So there will be one for you somewhere! I’d recommended getting some foundation samples to check what the correct shade for you is.

I loved the blush colour – it was very pigmented so I only needed the tiniest bit.

One problem I did have with the foundation in particular was getting it out! I think its because the tubs are so completely stuffed full of product that its tricky getting it out. In that case I stuck a pin in the holes to loosen the powder, and as I kept on using it, there was enough space for it to come out naturally.

A note on the Kabuki brush! I’ve never particularly been a fan of Kabukis but this is the nicest one I’ve tried so far.

Deluxe Kabuki.jpg

It’s £25 which in the grand scheme of things is not that much compared to a MAC or Shu Uemura brush. Its really really dense so I’ve been using it to blend in everything, foundation, mineral or liquid, powders…Love it!

Overall its a nice brand to try out especially if the likes of Bare Escentuals breaks you out or give you the itches. Emma who runs the shop is very friendly and will answer any queries you have too! You can visit the shop here.

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