Boots No. 7 Christmas Opulence Palette & Highlighter

For Christmas, Boots No. 7 have launched a small range called Opulence which consists of a highlighter, lipstick and eyeshadow palette.

I got the eyeshadow and highlighter. The packaging is kind of 80s retro, no?:

boots no 7.jpg

Here is the highlighter £13.00.

boots no 7 highlighter-1.jpg

The swatches:

boots no 7 eyeshadow.jpg

Its a glittery highlighter – it is not fine shimmer, its all out GLIT. The coloured patches (in the red and blue) seems to just be an overspray to me as I noticed it wearing off.
Remember what I said – this is a truly glitter highlighter! If you don’t like obvious glitter, you won’t like this!

I do like glitter, so this is quite fun for me. When blended into the skin you can still see the glitter particles:

boots no 7 highlighter.jpg

It is slightly gritty – no doubt because it has obvious particles of glitter in it. Just be aware this isn’t your conventional buttery smooth highlighter. A party/body highlighter methinks.

The shadow comes in a randomly shaped creation:

eyeshadow no 7 .jpg

I like the colours in it a lot – white, black, the blue and brown make perfect sense to me. Swatches:

boots no 7 palette.jpg

Once again a glittery texture especially to the brown. The palette is nicely pigmented though, creamy to touch.

On my tired eye:

eyes gold.jpg

That brown has really grown on me although you have to be careful – I felt it settling into my fine lines.

no 7 eyeshadow.jpg

Blue and yellow – so 80s!:

boots no 7 eyeshadow palette.jpg

I also have the highlighter on here:

no. 7 palettes.jpg

You can view the Boots No. 7 Christmas offerings here.

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  1. Mazzy says

    Wow the look you created with the Palette looks so pretty :)
    I wish I could have skills to do makeup nicely. I always end up clown like Hehe, I’m only just beginning makeup. ;D