Gentle Rose Water for Dry Skin: Lush Eau Roma Toner Review

A few weeks ago I bought some new skincare from Lush and it’s all been pretty well used so here are some speed reviews of the products!

I fell out of love with Neals Yard Rosewater after it dried my skin out badly, so decided to try Eau Roma by Lush instead. Wasn’t expecting too much, also I dislike the smell of lavender (this contains Lavender water) so bought the smaller size.

This comes in a spritz bottle – I am a fan of a cotton pad and bottle to be honest, rather than spritzing on – I can spritz on to the cotton bad but then I scare the cat – yada yada – I may need therapy.

Eau Roma!


I was wrong because this is a lovely, lovely toner. So soothing, smells gorgeous – just like lovely rosewater with a hint of jelly (that’s probably just me) and really didn’t irritate or dry my skin out at all. Also nothing nasty in the ingredients which is great.

Can’t fault this one at all, will definitely rebuy – good for dry skins, I hear their Tea Tree Toner is great for those with oiler skins!


Lavender Water (Lavandula angustifolia), Rose Water (Rosa damascena), *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Methylparaben}

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  1. says

    I have the Tea Tree toner because my skin is quite oily, and it gets worse during the summer….I’ve been using it since June and there’s still plenty in the bottle…I think that the spray makes you save quite a lot of product rather than pouring it on a cotton, but the first times I found it rather “strange” too!

    I keep mine in the fridge, honestly it’s such a relief in hot weather!
    One of my favourite Lush products, I will definitely repurchase it!