Is Gold Good?! Jamela Skincare: 24k Gold Collagen Face Masks Review

I was sent some products from a skincare brand called Jamela Skincare a while ago, and as always I picked out some unusual bits and pieces to try!

Jamela’s range has a wide range of sheet masks, and the products are free of alcohol, fragrances and animal products.  I picked the 24k Gold & Lotus Crystal Sheet masks to try.  I have heard about the benefits of gold on the skin and I actually have a book of gold leaf somewhere to create a mask out of (I just haven’t had time but apparently you can apply it straight to the face!). I also chose some night jellies which I quite like (review later).

This mask is anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, moisturising, hydrating and firming apparently.

Jamela Gold Crystal Collage Mask 10

Each mask comes in it’s own tray…posh eh!?

Now…I can’t help but compare these face masks to Asian sheet masks which are extremely popular in the East.  Asian sheet masks tend to be quite thin and papery, with the occasional thicker masks.  Each Asian mask comes in a sealed pack with a certain amount of liquid, (more isn’t necessarily better as it can drip everywhere) and they usually stick somewhat to the face or have ear loops so it stays on. This way you can get on with life whilst wearing your mask.

Now, the Jamela mask itself has a completely strange texture, different to any other sheet mask I have used before.

Jamela Skincare 24k Gold Collagen Face Masks Review

First off it is very wet – the tray itself you have to be careful with otherwise you will spill it everywhere. It isn’t just enough liquid, it’s (in my opinion) too much.

The mask itself is a strange rubbery soft plastic type texture which can’t absorb more liquid (or it certainly didn’t for me) so the excess liquid went down the drain.

Additionally the mask does not and will not stick to the skin at all – this means you must lie down when using this treatment and even then because it’s a generic shape, it sort of lifted around the chin area.

The recommended time for use is at least 30 minutes (which would drive me nuts) or even better 2-5 hours (during sleep – their suggestion).  There is no way unless you turn into a corpse at night – that this mask will stay on your face as you sleep. If you turn at all it will come off on to your pillow, your other half etc. etc.  If you want people to wear your mask for a decent length of time you must give them a way to secure it on to your face.

Jamela Skincare 24k Gold Collagen Face Masks Review 1

After wearing this mask for around 15 minutes (it wouldn’t stay on for longer) I guess my skin felt a bit more hydrated, and softer but it would after any mask.  I didn’t notice any long term benefits or lasting radiance from using this product unfortunately, despite being very excited by it to begin with.

You can also get a matching neck mask for this.

It says in the ingredients that there is gold mineral dust in it –  the yellow gold colour gives off that feeling of ‘expensive’ too but it definitely isn’t made of solid gold or anything like that!  I can’t see a percentage on the box of how much gold is actually in the mask and if it can benefit the skin when applied in this way.

A pack of 5 masks costs £37.50.


I really struggled to make this mask work for me – didn’t like the actual mask itself since it was made of a weird material that is very hard to keep on the face, nevermind against the skin which is what you want in a sheet mask. I also hated how watery it was and didn’t see enough benefit to me skin afterwards.

It’s fairly expensive too for the price – the only sheet masks I would pay premium prices for is Dr Lewinns and RMK Jelly sheet mask which are both amazing thick masks made of fabric but with a slightly sticky jelly like side.

Would you try a gold face mask?

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  1. liloo says

    oh dear. your review saved my bacon. I will stay away from this then.
    Please will you do a top 5 affordable facial masks post and a top 5 ‘no price limit’ face masks post? i would love to read

  2. N. says

    What asians like to do/reccomend is to use the spare liquid on your face & neck patting it on so it dosent go to waist and you can still enjoy the benefits.

  3. lulu says

    Wow I’ve never seen a mask like that, I wonder what the benefits are supposed to be of a rubbery one vs just having a normal one. (I can’t really see it as being cheaper to produce…)

    By the way you can save the excess liquid for later on! At your own risk of course, but from my own experience there haven’t been any negative effects. A lot of the times you can get 1-2 additional uses from what they give you:

  4. Helen Nguyen says

    Oh Wow, I am a sucker for sheet masks too! These are so expensive, if they have worked then it would have justify the high price some how.. but they dont do much to you, so that sucks big time! Im wondering about the liquid, could you rub some of that on your face first before putting the mask on?! Do you think that would make any difference.. hmmmmm.

    But do try those gold leaf mask, I want to hear about it. Sounds very interesting!!