6 Days of Mascara No. 1: MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara Review

**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!**

MeMeMe’s Fat Cat mascara is nothing new, but I did finally get round to trying it out!

How can anything with the word ‘cat’ in it be bad!?

This is supposed to have an oversized brush for ‘extra volume’. I hate oversized brushes.

The cute tube:


The brush is indeed very fat but I have to say, I didn’t struggle too much with it although I can never get to my small lashes with this kind of brush. #alttext#

I didn’t really feel that there was a lot of volume going on with this mascara – I found that it offered good separation, it added length and was a nice black mascara. Perhaps it is one I would team with another mascara:


It didn’t hold curl though unfortunately.


A decent mascara, not amazing but may work better for less fussy lashes than mine.

Costs £7.99 from Superdrug.

Score: 3/5

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  1. Jen says

    Hmmm a bit disappointing for a £7.99 mascara, think I’d want a bit more volume than what it gives, at least it’s not too clumpy and adds a bit of length