Retox Detox: Trying the Herbalife Diet & Other Types of Detoxing!

For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with the Herbalife Diet! Yep!

I guess the Herbalife name is famous for good and bad reasons, but here is what I am trying out:


There’s three shakes – Cookies & Cream, Chocolate and Strawberry. I am really not one for Shake diets – I really do like having something to chew on, but I’m giving it a go!


There’s a whole ton of supplements that go with it – eek – I don’t really take any day to day.

These include things like a multi vitamin, fiber tabs, aloe vera and herbal tea too (to substitute for Coffee & Tea).


Finally, there’s replacement meal bars and protein snack bars which you can munch on throughout the day:


I will be updating soon, in a few weeks on the whole experience – from reviewing the individual products to how the Herbalife diet works and also my experiences (good and bad) with the company as a whole. I will not be holding back any information!

So far I am finding the diet ok, it’s pretty strict though but I’m not too hungry.


I was sent these products free of charge to try. I have 4-6 weeks worth of diet products to try, and if I want to carry on after this period, then obviously I have to pay! So I am going to see how much weight loss I end up with at the end of this period!

Ever tried a shake diet and had success? Or even tried Herbalife?

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