Like little biscuits! Skinfood Guppang Duo Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

These super cute eyeshadow Duos from Skinfood are called Guppang (anyone know what this means?) and immediately caught my eye because they are so adorable!

They are very small indeed – do not be shocked if you order them, because they are smaller than a real cracker. They look like custard cremes, kind of?


Even though they are small they are handy sized. These shadows come with a smaller, sparkly section and a main, bolder colour. I ordered 3 shades…

05 – Glam Brown

06 – Antique Olive

07 – Golden Plum

This is golden plum which a rich aubergine and a sparkly gold:


Glam Brown has a coffee brown with a sparkly light pink:


Antique Olive is half khaki green and half warm bronze:


So yes it’s cute, yes it’s handy, what else?

Well…they’re not very good. In fact they are the first really disappointing thing I’ve bought from Skinfood. The shadows are not pigmented enough, nor are they that soft or special. When swatched they are positively dull even with the sparkly complimentary shade:


Boring right? These didn’t impress me at all and I was looking forward to getting them!

Maybe I’ll keep them as handy handbag shades maybe they’ll appear on the next blog sale!

What’s your last disappointing purchase?

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  1. Jane says

    They’re called ‘gun-ppang’ which are hard crackers that were originally used as military rations.

    Nowadays, it’s just a type of a savoury crackers though..

    Hmm, don’t think Skinfood does cosmetics too well though I do like their skincare ranges especially the sugar scrub!

  2. emily jane says

    Dr Hauschka foundation was the last thing I bought that was really disappointing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skincare and so thought I would like the makeup. How wrong could I be? the foundation was a good colour but very oily and impossible to blend. Their eyeshadows are pretty bad as well. Some would say that’s the price you pay for a more natural product…really??

  3. Jen says

    Ahhhhh so cute! If I found these lying around I’d probably embarass myself by trying to eat them lol Shame the pigmentation’s not great, I do quite like the colour combos though

  4. Pam says

    Last disappointing cosmetic purchased: that Givenchy mascara with the ball applicator, non-waterproof formula. Gave me volume, but flop city and panda eyes all the way. I think it’s around US $30 so that was an ouch. I’ve got the Fairy Drops volume burst coming (along with the primer – this blog is at fault for making me consider mascara primer), as well as the Clinique lash power mascara and primer. I really, really hope one of them works out.