Face of the Day No. 1: Sue Moxley Famous Eyeshadow Palette in Festival

Does everyone want to be Famous?

I wouldn’t want to be. Rich, yes. Famous, no.

Sue Moxley’s make up range is called Famous and here are two of her quads:


First up is Palette 1 is Festival, a very soft, pigmented, shimmery. The colours are totally crazy! A bright canary yellow, a bright tangerine, a bright grape and a metallic forest green.

Is this an odd combo? Well it’s different that’s for sure, just totally bright and in yer face!

The texture of this palette is lovely, really creamy and buttery soft:


Read on for Swatches and my FOTD:


That’s just with one swatch, so you can imagine how soft and pigmented this palette is.

I don’t want to call it Festival though – I want to call it Carnival!

Anyway, during the week I am so exhausted that I use the absolute minimal amount of make up – certainly no eyeshadow is used. So instead I have to do fancier make up at the weekend (when I have to go to the supermarket and do boring errands – glamour, I know)

Here is my eye:


I used the yellow on the inner corner, then the green, but mixed them together to create the line shade, and orange underneath. Wow, I haven’t plucked my brows in an age.

Due to nagging popular demand, I will include full face FOTD’s too, as long as I don’t look too gremlin-y.


Do you like the Festival palette or is it too bright for your tastes?

*Famous by sue moxley is available nationwide in Superdrug. The single eye shadows are £4, palettes £9 and the shimmer brick £7.

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  1. jaff says

    Yay, FOTD! Looking all kinds of gorgeous might I add.

    One little point though, would it be possible to get slightly more natural lighting in your pics? You always look really pale and I know you’re a MAC NC35 so I think the swatches on your skin aren’t always very accurate. Other than that, loooove the FOTD 😀

    • Row says

      Thanks Jaff

      the lighting is natural – its taken outdoors with no photoshop manipulation. Outdoor (natural) light is very cold (or blue) so tends to make people look paler than warm. Also it depends on the camera I use.

      I am a NC30-35 but I’ve always photographed quite pale, dunno why though! If you compare me to Musine (from bubblegarm.blogspot.com blog) she is also a NC35 but much darker than me especially in photos. When I’ve stood next to her she seems to be 3 shades darker than me yet we wear the same foundation! I think my skintone is basically quite cool toned where as some NC35ers are very warm.

      Hope that helps!

    • Row says

      Hi Baby (can I just call you baby?!)

      Dunno I HATE them but everyone says they’d like to see them so here ya go!

  2. baby in a corner says

    Meant to ask what price range is sue moxley? i haven’t heard of her range before so i’ve no ballpark figure in my mind to compare it to. what do the little symbols to the right of the comment correspond to? sorry for the double comment!

    • Row says

      Hi Baby in the corner

      Which little symbols do you mean?

      The blush/bronze is about £7 and the eyeshadows – i need to confirm the prices with you, I believe they are about £15 but were half price recently in stores…

  3. liloo/tsunimee says

    totally my alley this!
    love love love. move away boring sue moxley chalky matte palette, this is the dog’s bollocks. gorgeous pow wow in your face colours, superb fotd. omg love this!!!!

  4. cláudia says

    Hi, I’m also nc35 and have the same problem. I look pale in comparison to other nc35rs in photos.