Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Extreme Wear Foundation Review

I got this foundation ages and ages ago but have only just got around to reviewing it!

DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Foundation SPF25 is built to last. Its special selling point is that its supposed to last all day.

Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation.jpg

They Say:

This luxurious foundation stays flawlessly smooth and looks naturally perfect in any environment. An exclusive nano-stretch network inspired by nano-textile technology to insure makeup will fit like a second skin and a unique hydra-gel moisture-stabilizing system, Dior takes smoothing, wear, and comfort to the ultimate extreme of beauty. Non-transfer and waterproof.

Did you hear that? Waterproof!

Dior forever skin extreme wear spf 25.jpg

Right away I liked this foundation. It has a medium coverage, it feels substantial on the skin giving a soft finish, slightly matte by still glowy effect. Not allergies to this and no overwhelming scent.

I got this in SAND 31 – in hindsight, Medium Beige, 30 would’ve been a better match as it has more yellow in it.

The texture of this foundation is rather lovely…

…provided that what you want is a fairly rich, medium coverage foundation that dries to a slightly soft matte finish.

I would say that on dry skin or people who get flaky patches this may cling a little. For oily skins or combination, this could work a treat.

Dior Forever skin foundation.jpg

One thing for sure, it covered any imperfections I had easily and it really does stay place – I would say for for an extra 3-4 hours more than my average foundation even without primer or a powder.

It covered pores well and controlled oil well (which is more than I can say about my latest high end matte finish foundation purchase – will update you on that shortly!)

On my hand:

dior foundation extreme wear.jpg

One coat (if you like!) on my face – the finish is good, and the kind I tend to like!

Dior Diorskin Extreme Forever Foundation.jpg

I have to say, next time I’d probably buy the Diorskin Nude foundation instead of this one purely because I want to give it a try but this is a great foundation for people who want their base to last and last.

Would you try Diorskin Foundation?

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  1. Kaue says

    Great review!
    I was going back and forth between this and hourglass. Its so difficult to find a foundation with a true yellow base. But Dior 31 is supposed to be for plp with yellow undertones, 30 is beige.

    • Row says

      Hi Kaue

      The shade I have (sand) I feel is ever so slightly beige…I would prefer it if it was a little more yellow to be honest! But I recently bought the Diorskin Nude in Honey Beige which is quite yellow so I will keep you updated! x

  2. Kaue says

    Please do, I am really having a hard time choosing between this and Hourglass. I am a MAC NC25 which is a perfect shade for plp with yellow undertone but I want a waterproof foundation. I’ve tried many shades both by Dior and Hourglass and still don’t know which one is good. They are never yellow enough.
    Make up forever 120 is the perfect shade of yellow, but not waterproof.

    • Row says

      Hi Kaue

      Have you tried MUFE Face and Body? This IS waterproof.

      I am NC35, so 2 shades or so darker than you. In Diorskin I golden beige is the best mix. The lady on the counter says Dior shades are transferable across the types of foundation. I know what you mean about the lack of yellow though? How about MAC Face and Body? This is waterproof.

  3. Kaue says

    My usual foundation color is mac nc25, its perfect.
    I just got AGAIN haha, the dior forever in linen, its such an amazing foundation, it would be perfect if it were a bit more yellow. its just a little lighter than what I need, but thats ok, i use some bronzer and my face anyway and it looks flawless.
    i tried MUFE face and body and its just like MAC face and body, but with jello consistency and no coverage.

    • Row says

      MUFE Face and Body is a weird one – I can’t say I love it at the moment I find it hard to get out of the container!

  4. says

    Hi, Row

    Can you tell how Dior Extreme Wear compares to Diorskin Nude Natural Glow in coverage, finish and lasting power? I saw your reviews of both but I can’t decide between them. :)

    Thank you!

  5. Abi says

    This is a great review. Do you think this foundation would cover up spots, blemishes etc, well?
    Thank You! ^_^