Going to the Grooming Parlour!

No, not me!

This missus:


I’ve never taken a cat to the groomers before, but I am pretty sure that the madam needs a pampering session. Its hard finding proper cat groomers – for one she doesn’t like to be around dogs, and cats are quite different to dogs of course and need different treatment.

Anyway this will cost £50 smackers, so I am expecting her to come back super fluffy, super glossy and clean, nearly trimmed, buffed, with a ribbon around her neck. Madam can be surly in the morning though so…we’ll see.

Pity the groomer.

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  1. Sooo bigggg :D

  2. tigerslovepepper says:

    A before/after picture is needed here, like any other girl’s makeover!

  3. omg she is delicious! lol
    show us her new style later!

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