Another Black Gel Liner?! Long Lasting Elizabeth Proofit Gel Eyeliner in Black Review

Elizabeth is a Japanese cosmetics company who like SANA have lots of odds and sods when it comes to make up sub-brands and products. One of their ranges is Proofit, which is a small selection of long lasting liners and mascara which allegedly last 24 hours.

One of their newer releases is a gel liner – you know I love gel liner like I love a roast dinner.

I decided to buy one to try it out, even though I am drowning in black gel liners. I guess, as great as many of them are, not all of them will stay put all day without budging.


Elizabeth Proofit Gel Liner comes in brown and black, and comes with a completely useless mini brush too.Why is it useless?

It’s a retractable eyeliner brush and when you push it up, the brush won’t stay. The only way you can keep it up is if you keep your finger on it – so stupid and pointless. A normal brush would’ve been better.

Anyway, use your own brush with this liner. Can be a thin floppy type, a short stubby type – I prefer ones that are shaped like lip liners.


The pigmentation and texture of this gel liner is excellent, like I thought it would be.

It is 100% a true, deep, dark black. It’s quite soft rather than hard, and it applies with a slightly wet appearance then dries to a semi soft finish that is neither glossy not dry.

Once this dries, it does last exceedingly well. At the end of a long day I had plenty of liner left to remove!


I have so many good gel liners, I really do. I do think this one lasts VERY well indeed in comparison to my other favourites, like Maybelline.

The only thing is that on the waterline, it will start to crumble, as every single gel liner I have used on the area has done before. I guess that area is made for pencil liners, not gel but still, worth a try.

Please excuse my eye – messy brows, dark circles etc but it had been a long day and this is my eye, au naturel!



Yet another excellent gel eyeliner, a little bit more long lasting than others I’ve tried so well worth a look if you find gel liners don’t last on you. Also no irritations at all with this which I can get with some gel liners, especially when I tightline.

I bought this from – he sells it in black only. I think it was about £10 inc. shipping.

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