Weekly Checkup & Thursday Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens!

How is everyone today?

I have a very busy Thursday with various appointments, some important ones, some medical and finally ending with a haircut and hopefully a massive fajita. I am in one of those moods…people do not get in my way!

How about a quick giveaway? I have 10 GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens on offer.  There are 6 shades and you can pick one colour!

Gosh intense eyeliner pens

I love liquid eyeliner! I still have to review these which I will add to the to do list! 

Wanna win?

Answer this question. Beginning the week of 6th May 2012 – what are the best things that’ve happened this week so far and the worst?

Also with your answer include if you want: Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey or Purple as a prize if you are picked.

My Answer:

Worst thing – can I name two? Thieving estate agents who I still have to deal with because they’re quite frankly keeping money they shouldn’t be and the tram system (which I use to get around) falling to a complete stand still because someone they had cables stolen…because there’s no such thing as CCTV.  Additionally there was no adequate back up for the failed tram system apart from a crappy bus service which came every 35 minutes that didn’t take you on the route you were supposed to go, no, it took you to a tram stop further away where the lines *were* running.

Then we had a bus driver that told me to get off because I didn’t buy a ticket from the tram machine but why would I do that when the trams weren’t technically running?! Oh my god…it’s all flooding back!

Taxis FTW – but I don’t want to get a taxi to work, you’re supposed to get a taxi when you’re going somewhere fun! 

Oh, oh can I also say the postal prices went up a week ago and I went to send some parcels which I guesstimate would normally come to £30 and it was £53 and I nearly started convulsing on the floor of the post office.

The best thing…this is all in the future as I’ve had a crap week so far, so I am hoping that –

My web hosts will actually fix my emails as at the moment I can’t read any lovely (or horrible) comments I’m getting on my phone I have to keep logging in but I don’t always have much time for that.  

I hope these estate agents will do the right thing or at least the fair thing – very snarky letters are going in the post.

I hope we find a new place to live otherwise it’s cardboard city.

I hope this discounted hair cut I’ve got at Trevor Sorbie today finally sorts my frizzy mop out today.

I hope I have a good medical check up at the hospital – this is probably the only one that really matters when all is said and done.


** You don’t need to leave an answer as long as mine. I just wanted to have a moan. But you can if you want, life is hard I know :)  **

1. I’ll pick winners within the next 2 weeks

2. Open internationally

3. Something else I can’t remember


Have a lovely day!

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  1. claire says

    Grey please

    Worst – having a quite stressful time, as my kids are going through diagnosis, as they are on autistic spectrum, so have had lots of appointments etc.

    Best – yet to come I hope. Need something to cheer me up. Looking forward to having a glass of wine at the weekend to de-stress

  2. says

    Worst part of this week was being trapped on a long bus ride (from London to Brussels!) with some of the loudest, most ignorant self-satisfied Australian girls in the universe.

    Best has been this whole week!! I get to be with my guy (we live 5500 miles apart), meeting his best friends, buying UK/ Europe makeup, exploring Holland, doing the Harry Potter set tour … it has been an incredible week :)

  3. says

    Best thing: Getting a job after 14 months of unemployment, and at a great company too!
    Worst thing: Having to move away from my family for said job.
    Brown please!

  4. Rose says

    Worst-not a patch on your traumatic week! But probably having the choice of pain from last weeks hospital treatment, or sickness & dizziness from codeine :/
    Best-hopefully a fab girls night out tomorrow and a relaxing spa day Saturday!

    Green please if I get lucky :)

  5. Scarie says

    best thing this week- spending time with my lovely bf. Worst thing- work stress and getting hassle over long waiting lists :(

  6. says

    I’d like the grey one if I win.

    Best: I got paid this week and bought a bunch of nail polish online.

    Worst: I’ve gotten like 3 migraines this week.

  7. laura says

    We’ll my best and worst thing this week is really the same thing.

    I found out that my placement tutor was good friends with one of my collages at my placement. The good thing about this is that my collage has agreed to prof read my uni placement work (yeay) but it also means that I have twice as much work to do as my collage I’d really fussy about how work is done :(

    Also I walked in to a folded chair at work and have a really big bruse :'(

  8. Jen says

    Worst thing so far this week: Bought what I thought was a bargain Shake Weight thingy from Home Bargains, only it turns out it doesn’t really shake. Now i feel ripped off by HB but am slightly reluctant to go back and demand a refund for their crappy product!

    Best thing so far: Last day of work tomorrow…woohoo!!

    I like the blue colour if I am fortunate enough to win

  9. Vedra says

    The best thing so far was my shopping spree on Wednesday, nothing lifts my spirits like spending hours looking at makeup & clothes 😉 (& I also found chocolate my Mom will love, banana filling!) The worst: had to copy stuff at the uni library, and they had introduced a stupid new system where you can only pay for copies by online credit on your library card – yeah, no way to make that happen instantly. no copies for me :(
    I’d love to win the grey eyeliner, thanks for the chance! :)

  10. Drea says

    The best thing that happened was after 3 years of testing, finally getting a diagnosis of audible processing disorder for my daughters learning disability. We can finally get the teaching tools/resources she needs and it’s wonderful having my suspicions confirmed. So glad I didn’t give in to the doctors telling me to medicate her. The worse thing was getting the lowest grade I have ever gotten in all of my esthetics classes…I have ranged from 89-100 from August of last year and today I got a 77 on one test. Boo! If I’m blessed to win, I would love Black. Thank you!!! Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms.

  11. says

    The worst thing was being scheduled for training at work and had it cancelled without being notified. Not only did I cut deeply into my sleep time but it’s an hour away from my house. I guess I’d be this tired but could have slept longer.

    The best thing that happened this week is buying my first Makeup Geek shadows. They are 20% off and I snatched some up. Now I’m impatiently waiting for them to show up. I bought a cute large Z Palette for them to rest in:)

    For the prize, I would like the purple one.

  12. stefania says

    Worst: I paid the car insurance,poor my wallet…
    Best: my mum’s birthday and the cake that I’ll make to her.

    I’d love to win the green eyeliner

    have a nice weekend to all of you!

  13. Katrina says

    Best thing this week was hearing back from a job application! The worst thing this week was rude retail people with attitudes! I’d like to win the brown please!

  14. Mandy says

    Best: having lunch treats by colleagues three days in a row just cos they felt like treating.

    Worst: getting my repaired phone back in a worse state than when i sent it for repair. I don’t know how is that possible but maybe it is just too bad, even if it is less than a year old.

    I would like to get green.

  15. Kat says

    I’ve had pretty great week 😀

    The best thing that happened to me this week was finishing my term paper and turning it in before it was due. I’ve been swamped with school work lately so I can barely finish papers, so I’ve totally forgotten how awesome it feels to do it on time!

    The worst thing is getting hit in the head with a basketball. Nursing a huuge bump on my head now :(

  16. Daintynymph says

    Worst: my insomnia has been acting up more, so my sleep schedule is completely messed up. It makes for a difficult time during the day.

    Best: My mom and I went plant shopping and planted a bunch of vegetables yesterday. I’m very excited for when they start to grow more.

  17. says

    Best part of the week – realising I only have another week of work and then I am off for a whole week and its my birthday!

    Worst – Having to attend a work conference and dinner with seminars that went on late into the evening, yawn!
    Thanks for the giveaway, the liners look great.


  18. j says

    Best: Received an offer for a summer internship at a Big 4 accounting firm! =D I’m so psyched to go sign my contract and start the job!
    Worst: My friends are heading home from exchange here…I will definitely miss them.

    brown looks nice =)

  19. Sabina says

    Best part of the week – Realizing that I have 9 days until I graduate from school. Being offered a job as a PA for the summer.

    Worst- Studying for exams everynight until 2am. Cramming 2years worth of work over 3weeks :(

    The pink looks good, it would definitely brighten up my eyes.

  20. says

    Best thing this week: Today my friends and I rode around the other side of town, which I haven’t been to much. I thrifted two pairs of awesome shoes and visited some great paper shops!
    Worst thing this week: Probably my knee pain! Boooo.
    I’d love the color brown :)

  21. says

    Worst – being threatened with my home being possessed over supposed £60 rent arrears that was just over a week overdue. I didn’t even realize and wasn’t told because I haven’t had my updated rent statement and all the prices changed recently so it was easily confusing. Honestly, such draconian behaviour.

    Best – hasn’t happened yet but plenty of other miserable things – I’m hoping for good change in circumstances!

  22. Kelly says

    Worst: Missed out on a weekend trip due to finances. Bleh.

    Best: Good times with a good friend. It’s been like a min vacation this past week, which is always nice and always always needed! :)

    Thanks so much for the chance, I’d love brown if I am chosen as a winner!

  23. Christina D says

    Best thing that has happened to me this week was coming across a good deal on a nice teal coloured leather jacket.
    Worst thing that has happened to me this week is …I have a huge bill to pay plus I still have to pay for my university tuition. Class start for me again this Monday.

    • Christina D says

      p.s. thanks for this amazing giveaway! I love the eyeliner in the colour purple. :)

  24. says

    I want the blue eyeliner…

    Good- I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday…it was a blast!!!
    Bad- Exam is getting closer by days and I am not prepared. Aargh!!!

  25. Hazel Christopher says

    I love the black one best :)

    Good – My veg has started growing in my garden!
    Bad – I’m so busy this week, don’t know how I’ll fit everything in!