Visiting Aqua Sheko: The Flesh Eating Fish Pedicure Review!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you will know that I was very excited to visit Aqua Sheko, a fish pedicure ‘bar’ situated in Kensington, London.

I found out about the place via Wahanda and also thanks to this lady (I couldn’t get on the site so she helped me book! It was so busy at the time of launch).

I took Mr Candy with me, and he only moaned a little about it, every day.

Wahanda offered a discounted rate, but the normal, full prices are displayed in their window:


Ok, so what kind of fishes do this ‘pedicure’?

They say:

Garra Rufa fish are exotic pedicurists. Found naturally in hot springs near Kangal, a small town in Turkey, they have been softening and cleansing the skin of bathers for centuries.

Firstly, when we got to the salon, I noticed that it’s quite small. There was no where to wait (we were a little early) so went for a walk instead – hello, there’s a Space NK and MAC around the corner!

But I digress. The place is small, but quaint, and it looks no where as pretentious as their site makes it look.


This is the tank where baby fish (I think) are kept!

So the treatment starts…Firstly, someone washes your feet, and then you sit on these seats (which are grouped in 2’s. There’s a single seat at the end of the row if you have no friends) and slowly dunk your feet into the tank.

The fish immediately go for it!


So how does it actually feel?


For me it was similar to having my feet in a jacuzzi, you can feel them nibbling, and it’s just a gentle suction. It did make my feet feel a little buzzy but it’s never uncomfortable.

The guy sat next to us said he couldn’t feel anything, so I guess it’s different for everyone.

Here is the video:

I waxed my toes for you.

Another thing I noticed is that the fish get a bit bored after a while. You apparently slowly swirl your feet to get their attention again. They definitely liked my left foot more than my right foot. They also nibbled on my cuticles…yeah, sounds weird but it was honestly ok!

The dead fish.

Yes there was one. The guy at Aqua Sheko noticed it right away and scooped it out. Poor little guy. Note, this was just moments after I dunked my feet in, so I reckon it was already dead, please do not send me with the bill for the burial.

Other things to note…

– The staff are very nice, very friendly and don’t mind explaining things about the experience and about the fishes

– They offer free green tea or water. They offer some cold drinks for about £2 (ie. coconut milk).


After the fish treatment, your feet are washed and you are read to go. If you go for the more expensive treatment, you get a foot massage which looks so heavenly! But you don’t get it with the express service we had (3o mins in the fish tank!) Booo!

My feet were a lot softer, and tingly. It didn’t get rid of all the hard skin I had on my heel but it was still a big improvement, and quite frankly, better than any other pedicure I’ve ever had. At least I didn’t have bleeding cuticles!?

Mr Candy says he really really enjoyed it and next time would get the luxury treatment.

I would also consider going again and I’d love to take my Nan, cos she has super hard skin on feet.

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  1. Jen says

    hehe…I was in the Trafford Centre the other day, and noticed that they have opened up one of these fish foot spa places, called Appy Feet….the prices seemed quite reasonable, £20 for 35 min, and they do hands as well (might need some fish therapy on my cuticles!)

    I did wonder how they keep it hygienic though, with so many different feet dipping in…surely they can’t use chlorine cos that would kill the fishies!

      • Jen says

        I was thinking of trying it out, but I’m a bit funny about feet…like I’m quite squeamish about foot massages! I must have some form of feet phobia!

        • Row says

          Oooh you know I don’t mind my feel being touched but I don’t like people near my belly

  2. Alexandra says

    Urrggghh i got the shivers lol. I used to keep tropical fish,but im a little phobic about them. Cant stand the idea of them touching me lol. If i see fish in the sea i wont go in. So this is the stuff of nightmares for me lol.

    • Row says

      I have to say I don’t like fish in the sea either! 😀 but this was ok. I would be lying if I said I didnt cringe like mad at first

  3. Kira says

    30 pounds..
    I got it for like 5 bucks in bangkok..but of course, it was outside a shopping mall and a lot of people stood around and stare.

  4. visenya says

    😮 that’s expensive. I had a 30 min fish spa in thailand for 100 baht – not sure about the equivalent in pounds, but it’s around $4 AUD

    It feels great afterwards, doesn’t it?

    • Row says

      Ooh yeah I was thinking with it being in Central London the prices are marked up. The foot massage looked amazing!

  5. lisa says

    ive had his done twice and from next week we will be having this in my salon in Anewu sittingbourne in kent. our prices will be £20 for 30mins with a foot bath first,you cannot get any benefit form a 15 mins fish pedicure as when your feet have been in the water for 20-30 mins your feet will soften up so fish will suck away better. we will also add on for an extra £10 file,shape cuticle and polish. it feel great like 10000 jet bubbles